Tourist News – 26/06/2001

Liz Weir, Antrim Glens storyteller and broadcaster,  welcomed a large crowd to the opening of her Ballyeamon Camping Barn, a new budget accommodation initiative fives miles outside Cushendall. The project received support from North Antrim Leader II programme that has led to the establishment of a network of camping barns from Islandmagee to Ballycastle. The Camping Barn, converted from an old farm building, is a new concept in Northern Ireland. It is hoped that the barn shall, apart from providing a more traditional accommodation, also prove to be a cultural centre where people shall gather for local folklore and music.

Train journeys cut by 30 minutes

The train journey from Belfast to Ballymena, Ballymoney and Coleraine has now be cut by 30 minutes thanks to the reopening of the Bleachgreen line that has lay redundant since 1978. The line was opened by the Regional Development Minister Gregory Campbell MLA. Mr. Campbell said “The re-opening of this line will greatly enhance the public transport provision for passengers traveling into and out of Belfast from all stations north and west of Antrim.” The Minister also took time to thank European Commission for funding 75% of the cost. 
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