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Welcome to Ballycastle Info, the on-line home of Ballycastle online. in the web pages on this site we hope to bring you the best from the pride of the Antrim Glens.

Below youll find out more about what this site is about and who runs it.

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Ballycastle Info About this site?

Hey! Thanks for checking out our site.

Ballycastle info has been an online source of information for those looking to find out more about the stunning seaside town of Ballycastle since 2001. The site was originally set up by Ballycastle Native who thought that both the local and national governments efforts to promote Ballycastle were not upto much so decided to do his own thing.

He set up the site for the benifit of Ballycastle, hoping to bring in more tourists and traveller to the area by showcasing the town and surrounding area, much of which is stunning and totally unknown to those outside of the Glens of Antrim.

Following the owners departure from Ballycastle to the distant lands of Ballymoney and growing hios own family, the site went into a number of years of stagnation, only kept online by hosting companies recurring fees.

In the autum of 2019, while doing keyword and competitor research for a client we came across Ballycastle Info and saw the opportunity to develop it. So we approached him and bought the site off of her.

Once we had brought it into the Content Kings stable and started to figure out how we could best use the site. Instead of going down our usual route of setting the site up to make money for us, we decided, as we live just along the coast, to develop the site for tourism in the areas as at the time (and still) very few locally based Northern Irish guides other than the local government tourism sites….and we all know how poor they are despite their authority.

However, tragedy struck in the form of the Covid 19 pandemic only a few short months after the site was transferred. This meant that for quite some time we could not get out an about to show off the stunning north of ireland to anyone. This sadly meant the site was once again left in a state of online paralysis as we left the project on the back burner for a couple of years.

However, in 2023 we decided to relaunch Ballycastle Info to help promote one of the jewels in the crown of not only the Causeway Coast but also Northern Ireland the Island of Ireland as a whole.

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