Tourist News – 19/06/2000

Local councilors were delighted to learn that once again Seacat will be sponsoring the County Antrim Tennis Championship later this summer. Dates

National Cycle Network Arrives

In less than a week the UK will officially celebrate the opening of the first 5000 miles of National Cycle Network with events nationwide including Ballycastle. On the 21st June cyclists will arrive via Dunseverick and Portrush at about 11am and it is hoped that locals will turn up to help celebrate the occasion. The reception to be held in the Ballycastle Ferry Terminal will also be used to present the National Cycle Network plaques for the district, launch the NCN map and raise the Blue Flags over Ballycastle beach. With a further 5000 miles of network planned by 2005 with funding from National Lottery Funds the local area will be enriched further for cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users alike. I hope to have more details on the routes as soon as they are released.
National Cycle Network

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