Tourist News – 12/10/2000

The European Commission Special Support Scheme for Peace and Reconciliation together with the Causeway Initiative Pilot Sustainable Tourism Support Scheme and Northern Ireland Tourist Board recently announced the launch of a grant scheme designed to encourage environmentally tourism in the area.
One of the schemes prime tasks will be to ensure that the Causeway and Glens masterpiece stays exactly that. Tourism is obviously important to the area but so is the environment that attracts such people, equally so farming is a necessity for locals that should work in harmony with the area. Also mentioned was the fact that a number of visitors to the area do indeed take the ‘green’ factor of hotels when choosing one for their stay, therefore encourage shall be given to all such areas by the group with applications to be submitted before the 1st December 2000.

‘From Glynn to Glen’ Book Launch

On Thursday 26th October the Glens of Antrim Historical Society will launch a new book in the Thornlea Hotel, Cushendall at 8pm. The book highlights place, events and people of the area. The book has 115 photographs illustrating everything from castles to innovative technology.

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