Tourist News – 06/08/2001

The recently formed Marconi Radio Group have organised a festival with a full programme of events for all the family to enjoy on August 19th 2001. The event is being held to celebrate Marconi’s achievement of sending radio signals between Rathlin and Ballycastle. Activities will kick off at 10am with a car boot sale followed by linedancers, a fancy dress parade, Irish dancing, music from the Comhaltas, Teddy Bears’ picnic, St. John Ambulance demonstration, sandcastle building, balloon launch, Tug-o-war and a Kiddies’ disco. Throughout the day H.M. Coastguard shall be running a Seasmart campaign and radio transmissions at the seafront. For more info please contact Kevin McAuley 0788521901 or Paul Quinn 028 2076 9041.

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