Tourist News – 02/05/2000

The Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Distillery are set to be linked by a narrow gauge railway operational by this summer. The two mile section is being laid along the disused track bed of the original electric tramway, originally closed during 1949. The fifteen minute journey will provide spectacular views over Blackfoot and Bushfoot Strand with the puff off a steam locomotive adding to the nostalgic trip. The station buildings will be finished in a traditional railway style with fireplaces, finials, brickwork and round-topped windows. Owing to the fact that it will be run by volunteers and a non-profit organisation the fares will be minimal at about £3.30 sterling per adult, £2.00 sterling per child and £10.00 sterling for a family return.

Brand New Rope Bridge

The rope bridge that spans a spectacular 80 feet chasm between the mainland and Carrickarede Rock home to a salmon fishery for more than three hundred and fifty years. With up to 100,000 visitors every year, the £50,000 replacement bridge is a welcome upgrade for both fishermen and visitors alike.

Access to Giant’s Causeway resumed

Hours after a fire gutted the visitors’ centre at the Giant’s Causeway the gates were reopened to the public. Although the centre itself was completely destroyed it is hoped that visitor enthusiasm will not be dampened.

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