Whitepark Bay

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Situated about 7 miles west of Ballycastle, Whitepark Bay is about 2 miles wide opening straight into the Atlantic ocean and accessible from either the car park at the top of a steep climb or from Ballintoy harbour which is just around the headland in the distance to the east. Neolithic man chose this beautiful place as an early home and a tumulus can be seen among the dunes. In the north-west corner of the bay is a tiny cluster of houses called Portbraddan, which contains Ireland’s smallest church, a thatched building about 10ft by 6ft dedicated to St Gobhan, the patron saint of builders.
The beach is not suitable for swimming as the beach has dangerous currents and sand shelves. For these reasons it is not particularly busy with bathers rather more it is an ideal spot for the naturalist. It has inspired many a budding artist. The steep limestone cliffs and strong winds make it attractive to the occasional hand gliding enthusiast.


West on the B15 coast road from Ballycastle you will pass through the village of Ballintoy and Whitepark Bay is about another 2 miles.

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