Dunseverick (Dun Sobhairce)

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Dunseverick is a small but beautiful town land, the harbour is still in use with local fishermen and is always busy with the surrounding shoreline proving a pleasant place to stop have a picnic and short stroll. The castle is nestled0300dunseverick_wfall_320-5983029 of a large rock standing solitarily along the coast, there are facilities for picnics and you can join the coastal path that starts from the Giant’s Causeway passing through Dunseverick Castle, Dunseverick Harbour, Portbradden, Whitepark Bay and ending at Ballintoy Harbor. The path takes you past a majestic waterfall between the castle and harbour.
The harbour also has toilet facilities.


Saint Patrick is reputedly said to have visited here. Dunseverick was the pride of the Route Ó Catháin family, and indeed was of such importance that the ancient fifth road from Tara ends here. The Ó Catháin family held it from circa 1000 AD to circa 1320 AD… then regained it in the mid 1500s, when the MacDonnells and Ó Catháin clan ousted the McQuillians, from that time onward it was held by the Dunseverick Ó Catháin family. Last one to have the castle was Giolla Dubh Ó Catháin, who left it in 1657 to settle in the Craig/Lisbellanagroagh area. Post 1660 they use the anglicised name McCain/McKane.


Dunseverick is about 7 miles west of Ballycastle. Take the B15 coast road to Ballintoy, about 1.5 miles past Ballintoy a sign post labelled for the Giant’s Causeway directs you right onto the B146 road, follow this road for a short distance and another sign post will direct you too Dunseverick Harbour, or continue on and you will find Dunseverick Castle on the right.

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