Tourist News – 27/01/2002

The National Trust is the new owner of the Causeway Hotel at the Giant’s Causeway. The formal transfer of ownership to the conservation charity took place last Friday. The Trust are delighted that Mr. Stanley Armstrong, the former owner, has agreed to manage the facility during 2002 to ensure business as usual. Ruth Laird, the Trust’s director for Northern Ireland, said “This is an exciting opportunity to significantly improve visitor facilities at the gateway to the World heritage site. It is a vital part of the National Trust’s efforts to ensure that the unique landscape of the Giant’s Causeway is not irreparably damaged by over-development. The Trust’s investment in the hotel will secure the jobs and contribute to the North Coast economy, supplementing the three quarters of a million pounds we spend each year in protecting and mainting our North Coast properties and the ¬£5 million which the Trust invests throughout Northern Ireland annually.” The Trusts is at present in discussion with a number of large hotel groups in a bid to secure the long-term future of the hotel.

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