Tourist News – 24/11/2001

The plan by Moyle Council to reinstate the access path to Kenbane Castle, long a popular tourist attraction in the district, looks set to progress. Recently the local authority, Tourism Development and Recreation Manager, Mr. Kevin McGarry, revealed Environment and Heritage Service had confirmed they would provide half the funding for works to the path and signage if Council would re-submit their application to them. The remaining half of the funding for the scheme, Mr. McGarry added, would be provided by Built Heritage. This news was warmly received by councilors who agreed a proposal by Cllr. Madeline Black, that Council should now liaise with EHS’s Regional Operation Unit to prepare costing and submit an application for funding.

Happy days – finally I can go a decent walk without having to climb over the stupid barrier!!!

Glens historians launch CD Rom

The Glens of Antrim Historical Society took the history of their area into the 21st Century recently when they launched a CD detailing the colourful history of the glorious Nine Glens of Antrim. The CD launched recently at the Londonderry Arms Hotel features text, video and photographs of local sites of historical interest with local musicians ‘Comhaltas’ proving some excellent background music. The CD also includes interviews with Glens folk recalling the past. It will will be distributed free to local schools, libraries, tourist centres and development offices to ensure public access.

Ardclinis access to be improved

Mr. McGarry, Tourism Development and Recreation Manager, has also revealed that a planning application is being prepared for a lay-by and access path to improve the access at one of the Glens most historic sites – Ardclinis Graveyard.

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