Tourist News – 24/01/2001

Craft Connections based at 45 Ann Street are setting the foundations for the coming of age of this community craft business. Craft Connections gathered together £17,000 by fundraising  and the other 50% shall be provided by support from the Arts Lottery Fund, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the International Fund for Ireland and LEDCOM.
It is proposed that the community arts and craft centre will incorporate community, arts, crafts, meeting, training rooms and exhibition facilities as well attracting a wide range of events and social activities. While the renovations take place Craft Connections shall rellocate to Unit 9, Moyle Enterprise Centre, Leyland Road, a full programme of classes for January to Easter will be available shortly. For further information telephone 028 2076 8716.

Rathlin Hares to be Protected

Moyle District Council recently secured a concession from Environment Minister Sam Foster to bring the practice of trapping hares to an end on Rathlin Island. It is hoped that this move shall reduce the decline in numbers of the current hare population and the decision was welcomed by local council who brought the situatino to light after requests from locals.

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