Tourist News – 01/01/2001

On 1st – 3rd January a promotion is taking place organised by two tourist assistants, Hazel Porter and Vanessa Kane. In an effort to encourage greater awareness of the visitor services and facilities available at the center since fire destroyed the old premises the team are hoping to lure more local day trippers to visit. There are free prize draws daily and also in attendance shall be former National Trust Head Warden, Philip Watson who is signing copies of his new book…

Local Books

Philip Watson has launched his new book “The Giant’s Causeway and the North Antrim Coast” that I have found to be quite interesting and very useful when adding info to my site. It’s a factual history of the Causeway and surrounding coastline with a few myths thrown in for good measure and several excellent representations as well as dated photographs of day gone by. Bibliography giving more information sources. All together a bargain at ¬£7 sterling ($10US). More Info

I happened upon another book this time by Maureen Donnelly entitled “The Nine Glens” and as I discovered this is a revised edition of an earlier book. Again I believe this to be a very useful book when adding to my site. This book not only details the history, folklore and traditions of the Glens but also the surrounding countryside in an enjoyable and warm hearted manner with numerous poems, photographs and a wealth of the authors personal experiences and knowledge about the area. More Info

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