Glendun (Gleann Duinne)

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Not the largest of the glens but perhaps one of the most tranquil. Glendun meanders down under the magnificent Glendun Viaduct, past the ancient Mass Rock, the Gloonan Stone, Saint Patrick’s Well to the sleepy village of Cushendall and the remains of Castle Carra.

The Mass Rock is a location where Mass was celebrated in old times before a church was built in the area, and even now, once a year a procession is made from the present church to the old altar. The origin of this beautiful carving is unknown, some people believe it originated from the Scottish Isles whilst others say it is a Runic stone. The Gloonan Stone is said to have been a place where Saint Patrick knelt to pray and indeed this is the explanation given for the smaller of the two holes warn. The second and larger hole in the stone is known as Saint Patrick’s Well, the water is said to have holy powers used to cure warts.

Castle Carra stands almost completely covered in ivy near at the bottom of Glendun. In 1585 Sorely Boy MacDonnell is said to have rescued his son Donnell Gorm from the tower in the castle, when he landed in bay from Scotland.

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