Ballycastle Beach

Ballycastle beach as you can see is set against the beautiful backdrop of Fairhead with the Golf course adjacent. The beach is very popular with locals and tourists as it is quite safe to bathe, although somewhat colder that the average swimming pool. In the distance you can just see the Pans Rocks which jut out into the sea and are easily accessible by the footbridge, this is a very popular spot for fishermen with plenty to be caught. Beyond that point you will find another rock formation which hides what the locals call the ‘Devil’s Churn’. The Devil’s Churn can be accessed by concrete stairs down into the centre of the rock, it is a hole in the rock which forms an underwater tunnel to the sea nearby, it is a truly strange site to see the power of the ocean as it floods and then empties the tunnel with an uncontrollable force and echoing thunder.

At the near end you can see the edge of the Margy river which is spanned with an olde style stone bridge that gives access front Ballycastle seafront promenade. If you care to stop halfway across the bridge you can watch the fish as the swim up and down the Margy.

The views in the late summer evening are heart warming as the red sun settles on the sea just by Kinbane Head.


You can walk from Ballycastle promenade over the footbridge, alternatively follow the east A2 coast road and take the first left onto Carrickmore Road where you will find parking.

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