It is inevitable that with such a rugged coastline there are numerous shipwrecks in the surrounding coastal area.

Perhaps the most famous is the HMS Drake which lies in about 100 feet of water in Church bay (the sound of Rathlin Island). During second world war the Drake was torpedoed by a German U-boat along the north shore of Rathlin, the ship managed to limp around the east of the island before sinking in Rathlin sound. The mast could still be seen over the waves until recent years, a marker buoy now marks the spot. It is particularly popular with diving enthusiasts and deep sea fishermen as it lies in such a sheltered location.


There are over one hundred ships within Ballycastle bay and Rathlin sound with more along the east and west coastline. A few that I can recall would be the Loughgarry lying in 90 feet of water along the east of the island about 800m off shore, the Santa Maria of Fairhead and the Templemore in 60 feet not far from the entrance to Ballycastle harbour.


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