Kinbane Head (Ceann ban)

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Kinbane Head is about 3 miles directly west of Ballycastle which can be easily seen in the distance. Although magnificent views of the whole surrounding coastline can be seen from the car park, if possible make the effort to venture out to the point of Kinbane Head in order to experience the thrill of the breeze rushing up from the sea one hundred below, sit there for while, watch the sea birds fly within feet and listen as the waves crash against Carrickamanon Rock standing just on the surface just a few hundred feet away. Grace Staple’s cave is also hereabouts. My parents live nearby and so I visit this place often, and just after Easter you will find a wide variety of flowers that paint the cliff side. There are a few buzzards in this area so keep your eye open especially on the way down to the car park, drive slowly.


Like so much else about here Kinbane Castle was built by a MacDonnell in 1547. In 1551 a battle with  English troops  reduced the castle to it’s current state by canon fire but Colla MacDonnell held strong and the attacks defeated, tragically he died here in 1558 and it is believed that his remains rest in a vault at Bonamargy Friary.


Take the B15 coast road to Ballintoy, about 1.5 miles from Ballycastle a sign post directs you to a small road on the right-hand-side, follow this to the car park where you will find toilets and picnic area.

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