Islandarragh House

Mrs. Jane Kane 7 Islandarragh Road Ballycastle BT54 6HX

Tel : +44 (0)28 2076 2933

snrcitzen-1257721 nosmoke-3877086 hairdryer-6715921  comunaltv-5174136 parking-8144126 Baby listening service, Sea view, 3 miles from Ballycastle

Single Room £20 Double Room £36

Twin Room £36

Open all year.

Islandarragh is newly refurbished, 1920’s farm house placed idyllically at the foot of Knocklayde mountain nestled in it’s own grounds with a garden that is available to residents. It is 3 miles from Ballycastle with the National Cycling Route No.93 passing the door and with the Ulster Way a few hundred feet down the road. There is also a terrific view down Glentaisie to the sea.


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