Glencloy (Gleann Clat)

Glencloy takes its name from the stone ditches in the upper glen and on Garron mountain. Some of these have been shown to date from the Bronze Age. Archaeological excavations at Bay Farm have uncovered evidence of Neolithic occupation (around 4000 B.C.) and further excavations in the same general area uncovered a Bronze Age settlement dated between 2000 and 1500 B.C.

Doonan waterfall, situated two miles up the glen from Carnlough, has a tranquil picnic area where a family can enjoy wonderful views. Visitors should be sure not to miss the nearby Doonan Leap viewpoint overlooking it’s own impressive waterfall. Behind is the Doonan Fort. Built over 1200 years ago in the early Christian era, this fort or rath is all that remains of a stockade homestead. From there you can see Knockaneffrin with its mass rock. Other mass rocks in the area are situated at Ballyvaddy and Straidkilley.

Doonan Fort about 2 miles west of Carnlough and Dungallan Fort about 2 miles north of Carnlough are Norman mottes. The great fort of Drumaul at Garron Point was also adapted as a motte although it undoubtedly pre-dates the Normans. There is a strong local tradition that it was a Viking stronghold. Garron Tower, standing on a high ledge at Garron Point was built as a summer residence by Frances Anne, Marchioness of Londonderry. She had inherited this part of the Antrim estates from her mother, Anne Katherine MacDonnell, Countess of Antrim who had married Sir Henry Vane-Tempest of County Durham. The Tower and grounds were purchased by McNeill’s Hotel in Larne in 1915 and were acquired by the Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor in 1950 for use as a boarding school for boys. It is now a co-educational day school with an enrolment of 610. Drumnasole House was built by Francis Turnley in 1808 and is still in the possession of the Turnley family. The late John Turnley was assassinated by loyalist gunmen in 1974.

Farming and the tourist industry provide the main sources of income.

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