Cushendall (Bun Abhann Dalla)

Coastal village at the foot of Glenaan and Glenballyeamon, where the river Dall flows under an attractive stone bridge in the centre of the village. The most prominent attraction in the village centre is the Curfew Tower shown above where many a ruffian spent a night sobering up. The tower was built by Francis Turnley, landlord of the village, in 1817 to confine riotous prisoners. Dan McBride, an army pensioner was given the job of permanent garrison and was armed armed with one musket, a bayonnet, a brace of pistols and a thirteen foot pike. The windows on each side have opening which in the past where used to pour molten lead on unsuspecting attackers below. The tower is now owned by pop band KLF, who opened it to artists who reside in the building for periods. Cushendall, commonly known as ‘Capital of the Glens’ s a village is steeped in culture, with craft shows and regular folk events throughout the summer. The seafront is the main attraction in the summer with diving and yachting. Sporting activities include a challenging 9 hole golf course and hurling.

The village is nestled in the shadow of Lurigethan, a platued mountain that was home to an Iron Age fort


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