This is what I know of my line & although I don’t know the parents of James I have learnt that there was a James Kennedy born 7th April 1809 at Knocknacully, Layd Parish, County Antrim, son of David Kennedy and Peggy McGennell. I don’t know if will ever be able to prove that this is the same James in my family .

My Great Great Grandfather, James KENNEDY, was born c 1809, in Layd, Antrim, Ireland, & in 1829 enlisted with the East India Company in Liverpool & went to India in 1830 with wife Susan, children, Mary Anne Pattison, b 1831, & George Jackson b 1834, who died 1835, just days before his mother. James married again to another Susan, the widow of William ADAM, they had children, James b & d 1838, James Higginson b. 1840 & David Blake/Black b 1842. James Snr became an Uncovenanted Civil Servant in the East India Company Army, and was a Police Sergent in the Army before he was discharged, at which time the family went to Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, c 1852, sons James & David came to New Zealand 1863, to join a Waikato Regt. in the Land Wars. James Higginson remained in NZ & David returned to Australia, became an explorer & gold prospector, was taken from New Guinea in very poor health, died & was buried at sea 1897, a year after his father had died in Castlemaine. ( I have often wondered if the children’s second christian name may have been family names, )