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  Looking for Requested by Details Date
241 Stewarts Robert Stewart
I am related on my mothers side to the simpson family who were resident in the Ballycastle area in the late 1800s. I know that the family were resident in Port Glasgow ,Scotland by 1916 as my mothers uncle hugh was killed in the first world war and his place of birth was ballycastle in 1894. The family members i know of are ,parents,archie and agnes simpson and their seven children hugh ,john ,dan and their sisters lizzie ,jeannie ,cathie and annie. I know what happened to the family after they came to scotland but have no idea of their irish history ,grandparents ,etc hopefully you can help in some way I would be most grateful. 19Nov18
240 Daniel McDonnell Elizabeth Carola
I am looking for my 2x Great Grandfather who was born in Ballycastle in 1808. He studied in Glasgow to become a doctor and returned to Ireland for 10 years before moving to Airdrie, Scotland for the next 30 years. In 1869, he moved to the US. I know he was a practicing Catholic. Any information as to Parents, siblings, would be appreciated. 10Oct18
239 Daniel Joseph McLaughlin Eileen McLaughlin
I am looking for my uncle Daniel Joseph McLaughlin born 1928 to Lizzie okane and Charles McLaughlin from Loughguile. Daniel Joseph had 2 brothers John and Cahal. He was known as Joseph rather than daniel Joseph. He went to live in Gloucestershire with his aunty Susanna Gibbon for a while. 10Oct18
238 Donna Paton
I am related to the late Stephen Boyd who, apparently, was related to the Ballycastle Boyds. Stephen Boyd was an actor whose most role was that of Massala in the film Ben Hur. I reside in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m looking to find relatives in Ireland or elsewhere. 10Oct18
237 Alexander & Archibald Rodgers Tom Lowry
Hi. My name is Tom Lowry, from Illinois in U.S. I have quite a few of family members from the Ballycastle area, as well as other NI areas. (All 4 of my grandparents were born in NI.) I'm inquiring whether you my have info going back to 2 brothers, last name of Rodgers, going back to around 1830 - 1840. Both came from at or very near Ballycastle. The names Alexander and Archibald seemed to flip from one set of brothers to the other set, over several generations. One brother born in Ireland in the 1830s left for America early during his life; the other -- my Grandfather Archie (born in Ballinastraid, outside of Ballycastle, in 1897) -- didn't leave for America until after fighting for the British in WWI. His family were farm laborers and they had 13 children. In my Archie's line, I go far back as his father, Alexander, born 1870 somewhere near Ballinastraid I believe. So I'm missing one or two family members on my side to tie in with the same family member who is the parent of the Rodgers on the side that left for America earlier than mine. Any possible way you might be able to help? Thank you. 10Oct18
236 Daniel Ballantyne Yvonne Cranstoun
I am hoping to trace my father's family who lived in Ayrshire, but I believe they came from Ballycastle. My father was Daniel Ballantyne who was born in 1900, I believe his mother was named Rose, and he had an uncle named Duncan Ballantyne from Ballycastle who had a small-holding. My father was one of nine siblings some of whom were born in Ireland and possibly in Ballycastle. Known names of siblings were John, Duncan, George, Harry, Agnes, Annie and Rose. 10Oct18
235 John McKinnon, June McKay Susan Parsons
Requesting information on John McKinnon, wife June McKay. Daughter Mary Ellen McKinnon born 1853 in Ballycastle and daughter Katherine McKinnon born 1854 Ballycastle. Mary Ellen and Kate immigrated to New York from Glasgow on the ship Victoria on 9/24/1874. Family had 6 other children. 10Oct18
234 James McMullan David McMillan
I am interested in a James McMullan born in Ballycastle c 1846. He married a Rose Shiels in Auckland, New Zealand in 1876. Potential birth for James was to a John McMullan & Esther Dunkan in 1844. I am a DNA match to a lady who descends from James & Rose. We believe our McMillan/McMullan sides converge in Ireland, possibly through James’ father. 10Oct18
233 McDonald..Stuart MARC LEGER
Looking for parents of Ronald Mcdonald, born in Ballycastle around 1781 and died in canada on april 21st, 1829…presumably married in Ireland…Looking also foe more information on his wife…he married Elizabeth Stuart..born around 1789,,,Bellycastle…died on december 15th 1829. 10Oct18
232 McKernan/McKiernan Mary Elizabeth Wagner
Looking for anyone who may know of Neal/Neil McKernan/McKiernan who was born about 1902, in the Ballycastle district. He was the youngest of his siblings. They all lived in Turnaroan, not far from St. Patrick's RC Church in Ballyvoy. Neil was my father's youngest brother. I have some information on other siblings in this family, but I have been unable to find out what happened to Neil. I don't know if he may have gone to Scotland to find work, or if he may have married someone in Scotland. So far, in my years of researching, I have not been able to find him or his family, presuming he married. Also I don't know if he was involved in the Resistance Movement back around 1920, Perhaps he was a casualty of that War. 10Oct18
231 Archibald Mckinley Annette McKinley
Would anyone have information on Archibald Mckinley, son of John McKinley and Mary Scully and/or Margaret Black, father Michael Black, living in the Ballycastle area in the 1850's.
My great grandfather was Archibald McKinley, born 26 August 1850 in Ballycastle, County Antrim, came out to New Zealand on the Conflict in 1876. His parents are listed as John McKinley and Mary Scully. We believe he had a brother James who came out to NZ at the same time.
He married Margaret Black in 1879 in Christchurch. Margaret had one brother Denis and possibly another called Daniel. We think her father was Michael Black and her mother Margaret Scally. She was also from County Antrim (we think).
Their children were John Edward, Archibald David, Margaret, Mary,Denis Alphonsus, James Joseph.
There was always a lot of talk about Rathlin Island and Ballycastle so there may be connections with the island as well.
230 Mogee/Mogey/Moger Missy Friedl-shipley
I am requesting all information and copies of any documents on the Mogee/Mogey/Moger family. The last ancestor that I have been able to trace is David Mogee (5x great grandfather) born around 1785 in Ballycastle, County Antrim. He was married to Ellen, unknown maiden name. David became an U.S. citizen 18 May 1852, but is reported to be buried in Billy Parish Churchyard in Bushmills around 1870. 10Oct18
229 McGoogan, Coyles Michael McGoogan
Looking for information on mcgoogans and coyles from ballycastle 10Oct18
228 Hugh & Mary McLaughlin Jan Weaver
I am seeking information on my great-great-grandparents Hugh and Mary McLaughlin. Their daughter Mary Anne was born in Ballycastle on 4 July 1872. Mary Anne emigrated to New Zealand and married Arthur O'Connor 4 May 1898 in St Patricks Catholic Church at Patea. Thank you. 10Oct18
227 Black, McKendry, Hall Maria Hall
I am looking for information on my ancestors from Tornaroan, Ballycastle. My great-grandfather is Henry Hall, my great-grandmother is Catherine Black. They had a son called Henry Hall, junior, and I believe he came to New Zealand in 1890. It is possible that Catherine's parents are called Archibald Black and Betty McKendry. 10Oct18
226 Rose Hill b. 1798 Adam Hill, b. 1796, Hugh (Harry)Hill b. 1784 in Ballycastle Charlotte Dawson
I am looking for information about my great-great-great grandfather and siblings who moved to Greece, Monroe Cty., New York 1820-1840. Rose married Daniel Sharpe. Hugh married Lucy Duffy. She died aboard a ship crossing the channel. 10Oct18
225 Arthur & Mary Morgan Gerald McGill
Hi I am researching my Morgan Family who came from Bonecastle Downpatrick Co Down. I am particularly interested in my Grandfather’s youngest Brother, Arthur Morgan, son of Arthur Morgan & Annie Dobbin, he married Mary Carr in St Malachy’s Church Belfast in 1915 they had Daughter Margaret Mary born in 1915. Arthur and his Wife moved to Ballycastlebts and lived in Market Street. Mary died in early 1970s and Arthur died 1969 they are buried in the Graveyard behind the Church there. I believe their Daughter Margaret,who also lived in Market St at the time of her Father’s death, may have married a man called Butler.
Can anyone help me with my search for any remaining Family? I have been to Ballycastle as part of my quest and so far haven’t been able to trace any Family members. I would love to make contact with Arthur and Mary’s family if there are any surviving.
224 Peter Galbraith, Helen McGuire Cheryl Lester
I'm looking for any information about my 3x great grandparents who were both born in Ballycastle, N.I.
Peter Galbraith born in 1789. Shoemaker. His wife, Helen McGuire born 1793. Binder - Shoe.
They both arrived in Scotland early in 1800s and had three children, Mary, Helen and Peter. Any information about their siblings, parents etc would be very much appreciated
223 Mary McCambridge Tim O'Brien
My Grandmother came to the states about 1890 from Ballycastle . I understand the family farm is still in the family, perhaps being sublet to another farmer. Mary first came to Philadelphia then settled in Camden NJ. Married John O'Brien. 10Oct18
222 Samuel Magill Samantha Magill
I am looking for family of Samuel Magill born Ballycastle Mar 1907 so I believe, this was my granddad all I know is he died in 1967 and was married to Eliza Ann McConachie and moved to Manchester 10Oct18
221 Margaret Jane McAuley Brenda Walker
I’m looking to find any information on my mother who was born on July, 3 1920 to William and Mary McAuley. They lived in the Glenshesk glen area of Co. Antrim 10Oct18
220 Kerr Deirdre Pillai
Please can you help me . I’m looking for parents of my great grandmother Catherine Kerr born Ballycastle Co. Antrim 1819 10Oct18
219 Alexander Caldwell & Margaret White Ross Caldwell
I am looking for any information you might have on my great grandparents ALEXANDER CALDWELL & WIFE MARGARET WHITE married approximately 1882 Ballycastle. 10Oct18
218 John Sharpe, Sarah Simpson Sharpe Steve Sharpe
Family information is John Sharpe born 1804 Ahoghill, County Antrim Ireland, before 1834, married Sarah Simpson born 1810, birth of Son Robert John SHARPE 11 Dec 1834 Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland, Sarah died in 1848 (believed) and John and Robert John emigrated to the U.S. that same year. I’m seeking parish, church, where exactly they lived, and where Sarah Simpson was buried. There is a listing in Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1837, Court, Land, Wills & Financial for John Sharpe, Residence-1833 - Ballycastle Fields, Ramoan, Antrim, Ireland, but I’m not sure that it is the same person. Ties to their parent families would be wonderful. 10Oct18
217 William John McKinney Raymond Tompkins
Per the Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958, William John McKinney passed away in Ballycastle in April-June 1919. Is there any additional information available, such as where he is buried, was he married, did he have children? 10Oct18
216 Isabella Campbell( nee McHenry) Helen Pursglove
I am tracing my mother Isabella Campbell lived at old park cottages balley castle her mothers maiden name was mchenry my mother was born May21st 1907 10Oct18
215 Marion (or Marian) McCluskey Lisa Andreano
I am looking for a copy of my great grandmother's birth certificate. She was born Marion (or Marian) McCluskey, in Armoy or Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1899. Her mother's name was Rachael. I am also trying to find records of when she came across to California. Thank you for your help. 10Oct18
214 Jane McIntyre Mary Niland
I am looking for information on Jane McIntyre born in Ballycastle in February of 1823. I have no other information except that she married a John Chiderhose who was born in Ireland in 1808. I appreciate any help. 10Oct18
213 Whiteford Anne Whiteford
I'm interested in Whitefords and Cain / Kain or variants around FairHead. I understand there is a baptismal record for James Whiteford, son of Alic (Alexander) Whiteford and Margaret Cain on 7 May 1826 (born 3 May) in Culfreightfrin Parish. The family went immediately following this to Campbeltown Argyll Scotland where James lived until 1852 when he emigrated with his wife and children to Australia.
Alic and Margaret had the following children that I am aware of:
Archibald Whiteford, remained in Scotland and family members still live there; Catherine married Donald Galbraith in Campbeltown in 1847 and died there in 1890 and Margaret died in Campbeltown around 1900-01. James, his mother Margaret and sister Catherine are on the 1841 Census in Campbeltown. All the Census records in Scotland indicate the family members were born in Ireland.
I have been in contact with the researcher listed under 144, we may be related. Many of the Whitefords from Antrim appear to have moved to Campbeltown, Argyll.
I have been told, an Alexander Whiteford leased about 700 acres of land in the Fair Head area (most of the Cross Townland) which included 2 villages, and lived in the Big House (as it was known). This may be the big house at the Cross Farm in the Cross Townland at Fair Head. Information he received from a descendant of Alexander Whiteford who migrated to Newfoundland is that Fair Head was the birth place of three generations of Whitefords. One line of the Whitefords married McBrides (see the note number 144).
I would be really pleased to from anybody who knows of the families or of the history of the Cross Townland or of Colonel Boyd, who I understand the Whitefords leased the farmland from.
212 Mary Lynn Maguire Andy Allord
I am looking for information on Mary Lynn Maguire. She was living in Ballycastle in 1926 and was married to a Maguire. Four boys and two girls were born to them. Their oldest daughter I am thinking was Nellie Maguire and was a nurse at a hospital in Ballycastle. Nellie’s name comes from a letter dated 18 Dec 1921 by her Aunt Nellie Lynn who was living in Loughguile. Her Aunt Nellie was living with her mother and I think her brothers Robert and Patrick Lynn when their mother passed away on 9 Nov 1921.These letters come from my Great Grandmother, Anna (Annie) Lynn Bentley who was living in Deerbrook Wisconsin at this time.Their parents came to America, I don’t have any idea when but were in Junction City, Wisconsin around 1886. Based on Anna Lynn Bentley’s death announcement from 14 Mar 1927 I am thinking the family moved to Deerbrook Wisconsin sometime between 1886 and 1889. After that time period Anna Lynn Bentley’s entire family, except her returned to Ireland. Validation of this is in the letters dated above and one additional sent to Anna Lynn Bentley sometime late 1926 or early 1927 from her brother Patrick requesting her husband, William Bentley to obtain his baptism certificate from the Catholic Church in Junction City from 1886 so he could return to America.
Presently I have been looking for information on this family for six years and finally traced it down to here. If anyone could please help me with additional information it would be greatly appreciated.
211 Mary Lynn McCormick Marilyn Fannon
My great grandmother Mary Lynn McCormick died in Ballycastle about January 1941, she was 99 years of age. Her husband Patrick McCormick died in November of 1900 at the age of 56. I am looking for information on her siblings. Mary Lynn's parents were John Lynn and Rose Dillon. Her siblings were Margaret Lynn born about 1836, Archibald Lynn born about 1838, Patrick Lynn born about 1840, Rose Lynn born about 1845, Catherine Lynn born about 1848, This information is based upon information in Mary Lynn McCormicks request for old age pension. I do not have any information when her parents died and any descendants of her siblings. I do know that Elizabeth McCormick, her youngest daughter married Robert Lynn, a distant cousin, February 10, 1931 in St. Patrick's, Culfeightrin. 10Oct18
210 William Woods, Ellen Jane Mckay Robert Woods
Looking for information on William Woods (born bat 1821)who married Ellen Jane Mckay (born abt 18226) in about 1862 in Ballycastle. They both appear on the 1871 Canadian census living in St-Edmond de Stoneham in Quebec, Canada. 10Oct18
209 Elizabeth Laverty James McCormick
I would like to find birth, marriage or death information about Elizabeth Laverty born circa 1835 in Ballycastle, Co Antrim. 10Oct18
208 Dunlop, Linnegan George Meldrum
My 2 X Great Grandparents, James Dunlop & Ann Linnegan were married in Ballycastle in 11 Jul, 1889. Ann was born in Ireland about 1863 while James was born in Scotland. Soon after they were married they moved to Renfrewshire, Scotland. Contact me if anyone has any knowledge about this family. 10Oct18
207 Todd Chris White
I am trying to find details about the Isle of Magheramore, which, I believe is or was a farm near Ballycastle. I believe my great grandfather, Andrew Todd, May have come from there and certainly his father did. 10Oct18
206 McKinley Denise Faust
I am searching for information about my ancestors and the descendants of the McKinley Family. My great great grandfather Archibald McKinley came to Philadelphia, PA. USA in 1849. He was born in Carnately, Ballycastle on April,21,1828. His parents were James McKinley (b. 1801 Colliers Hall-d. 1875 Carnately) and Jane McKinley(b.1806-d.1875) Parents of James were Archibald McKinley b.1760-Colliers Hall d. 1818 Bonamargy and Ann McLister b.1760 d.1846 Bonamargy. Any information would be greatly appreciated as we are planning a trip over there. 10Oct18
205 Mary Ellen, Jane Clyde Helen McArdle
My grandmother Mary Ellen was born in cloughcorr Balintoy co.antrim, in 1893. Her mother was Mary Jane Clyde ,she was not married to my great grandfather but My grandmother was given his surname McBride ,he was John ,recorded on the birth certificate. I often wonder who my great grandfather was. 10Oct18
204 McCormick, Lafferty Steve McCormick
Trying to find my Irish ancestors , my great great grandfather Daniel McCormick may have been baptised in the catholic chapel in the parish of Ramoan Ballycastle February 2nd 1854 , his parents were Daniel McCormick and Elizabeth Lafferty , he moved to Greenock Scotland and Margaret Bicket ( Margarets mother Nancy Scullion was from Ballycastle I believe ) …. Would love to know if anyone has any information on them , or if there are any descendants living in Ballycastle today 10Oct18
203 Anna Rebina Quigg Patty Herbert
My grandmother was born in Ballycastle in 1887. Her name was Anna Rebina Quigg. Her father was John Quigg who was born in 1835 and died in 1897. Her mother was Anna Jane Balmer, born 1838 and died 1930. I'm also trying to find the Balmer family. My great-great grandfather was Best Balmer, who was the father of Anna Jane Balmer. He was born in 1795 and die 1847. His wife was Rachel. In 1851 Rachel was living on Dublin Road in Aghalee, co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. I haven't been able to go beyond Best Balmer in my research. Any clue or information that woudl help me will be appreciated. 10Oct18
202 Alice McAleese nee Burke Derek Wilson
I am looking for any information about Alice McAleese nee Burke who was my Grandmother. She was born at Knockan, Feeny, Limavady in 1902. She eventually married Samuel McAleese and they had two children...James and Winifred. I would like to know when she married Samuel, where and dates of birth of her children and husband. She died in 1969 in Ballycastle. 10Oct18
201 McNamee Tony and Aimee
I am looking for information on my paternal grandfather. My grandparents were John and Susannah McNamee from Tavnaghoney, Cushendall. My grandmother was born to them on September 22 1909, Brighid McNamee. John was a school teacher and Susannah's former surname was Lagan. My Grandmother married a man with the surname Chambers but I have no other information of who he was or where he came from. They then moved to New Zealand where my father David Chambers and his siblings were born. 10Oct18
200 George McAfee Rita McAfee Conley
Looking for George McAfee who married Katy Morehead probably in this location. They had the following children:
James McAfee who married Margaret Todd about 1812 and they had the following children:
George, born about 1814, who married Margaret Aiken.
James, born about 1815, who married Esther Montgomery.
John, born about 1817, who married Ann J. McClay
Robert, born about 1818, married Isabel Steele, died 19 Feb. 1909, 91 years.
Daniel, born about 1816, married Lizzie Dennis.
Nancy K., born? , married Josiah P. Hibbard.
Mary M., born 1825, married Robert L. Ramsey 1844, died 5 Nov. 1906.
Arthur, born 1825, twin brother of Mary. Killed in accident 1832.
Samuel, born 1829, killed age 5 in same accident in 1832.
David, born ? died when an infant.
Some of the later children may have been born in Pennsylvania or Ohio.. Eventually, this family moved to Illinois and then Colorado and eventually some of these children moved to Utah. James first came to America about 1796, but returned to Ireland during the war of 1812 in the US. Margaret had a brother James Todd.
199 Mary Elizabeth Dunlop Lindsay Liska
I'm searching for information or descendants of Mary Elizabeth Dunlop, born 1914 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland. I believe her mother's name was also Mary or possibly Miriam, and she had 2 younger brothers. Her cousin's name was/is Roera O'Hanlor of Buffalo, NY. Documents tell me that she immigrated to Canada in 1930 but returned to Ireland in March 1933. Her address was listed as New Row, Castle St., Ballycastle. Any information on what happened to her when she returned is GREATLY appreciated! Her "possible" daughter (who was later adopted in Toronto) would love to know if she has any biological family. 10Oct18
198 John Anderson Khaki Hicks-Berry
I am looking for ancestors who lived in your area. ;My ggggrandfather's name is John Anderson;No middle initial. ;He came to America before 1852, because he married a lady named Martha P Gibson from Louisa County, Virginia in 1852. ;He was an Irish tailor. ;He died before 1860 and so did she; Our family has no idea what happened to them, but their two sons, Frederick...and Eugene....5 and 2 years of age, grew up in Caroline County, Virginia.....50 miles south of Washington, DC. ;It is a very long shot, but do any of you know of an Anderson family who had a member in Virginia in the 1850's? ;I would love to ;know more, but I am at a complete dead end.....no idea of when he arrived....how old he was....where he went after his boys were born.....or when and where he and Martha died.....our family always said that "they died mysteriously and together".....Thank you so very much to anyone who can respond to me!!! 06July14
197 McKennan or McCormick McKennan Don
I am looking for information on anyone from Ballycastle named MCKENNAN or MCCORMICK. William McKennan, my 3g-grandfather, moved to Ballycastle from the Isle of Arran around 1770. He married twice, both presumably in Ballycastle. Marriage dates are unknown. His 1st wife's name is Margaret MacArthur. They had two sons, William & John, born between 1770 & 1783. His 2nd wife's name is Mary Elizabeth McCormick. They had six children, all born in Ballycastle, between 1780 & 1807: Hugh, Patrick, Alexander, Catherine, Ezekiel & Elizabeth. 19Dec13
196 Margaret Stephenson McCambridge
Robert Anderson
Tobias McCambridge
Yvonne Fox
Margaret Stephenson McCambridge. Born Ballycastle! died Cheshire, England. Approximate death would be 1958-62.
Robert Anderson. Born Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, died October 1967, in Ballymoney.
Tobias McCambridge, born and died in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. Approximate date of death would be the 1950s.
195 Daniel Hunter Daniel Connerton
Searching for descendents of Daniel Hunter (1798-1864) or information of his ancestors. 19Dec13
194 John McCarroll or Mary McDonnell JOHNANDGLO@aol.com Looking for family of John McCarroll and Mary McDonnell. At least one son was born in Bally Castle. They later immigrated to Albany, New York. 19Dec13
193 Dickson (Dixon)
John Dickson


I am looking for details regarding the Dickson (Dixon) family of Ballintoy in the 1700’s or earlier.  Specific names are:
John Dickson
 B: 1760? Scotland or Ireland;D: Sometime after 1818 in Ballintoy; Jane Bryson - Spouse: B: 1760 County Antrim D: Unknown; John Dickson ;- Son: B: 1780 ? in Ballintoy D: 1812+/-  at sea; out of Ballintoy, Ballycastle, or Belfast;
Some records spell the family name as “Dixon” and occasionally use “Diksoune” and other variation.

192 McGuile Debbie Murray
I am looking for any descendants of John and Rose McGuile of Ballycastle or any of their children Ellen, Isabella, Lizzie, Annie, Rose and Jane.  My name is Debbie Murray and I am the granddaughter of John and Rose's eldest daughter Mary. She was married John Collins in 1917 and immigrated to Canada in 1927. My mother Geraldine Collins was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1934. I am planning a trip to Ireland next year and I would like to meet my relatives. 29Sept13
191 Eliza Kelly and James White Audrey Young
I am interested in any information regarding Eliza Kelly and James White who were married in
The Presbyterian Church at C..... (Can't read) District of Ballycastle November 17th 1871.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
These folk moved to New Zealand soon after.
190 Margaret McKiernan/McKernan Ann Stewart
In search of Margaret McKiernan/McKernan born about 1830. ;She married Archibaold McFarlane. ;The children were born/baptised in Culfeightrin, Ballycastle. ;This family is Roman Catholic.
Their children:
John b1855 Culfeightrin Sponsors: ;Bernard Leese & Isabella Black - Married Mary McGinley lived in Glasgow; Mary b 17 Jan 1858 Culfeightrin, Sponsors: Bernard McAleice & Isabella Black; Ann b 1 Apr 1860 Culfeightrin Sponsors: ;James McKeag & Ann McAlister
James b 8 Sept 1862 Culfeightrin Sponsors: ;James McKeag & Ellen Butler; Archibald b 9 Jan 1864 Ballycastle; Patrick b 17 Jun 1866 Culfeightrin Ballycastle Sponsors: ;Alexander Butler & Ellen Butler; Alexander b 20 Aug 1869 Ballycastle; Margaret b 3 Dec 1871 Ballycastle;Sarah b 7 Sept 1874 Ballycastle; James b 8 Sept 1878 Culfeightrin; Ballycastle Sponsors: ;James McKeag & Ellen Butler; Elizabeth b1881;
I am in the process of developing the marriages of the McFarlane families (that was an wish to develop) ;I have the descendants of John Mcfarlane b1855 as he is my ggrandfather. ;I would love to share with other family.
I would like to assemble the McKiernan/McKernan/McKearnan. ;I am in search of Margaret's McKiernan parent's and siblings.
189 O'Cahane, O'Kane, Clan Henry, O'Henry, MacHenry, McHenry, or FitzHenry Anne McHenry
I will be visiting Ireland (my first time) in April 2014 from Houston, Texas United States. I’m looking for anyone that might still be in my family in Kenbaan, Giant's Causeway, Ballycastle, Coleraine County, County Antrim. I plan to stop by the Dunluce Castle as well as the Kinbane (Kenbane) ruins, which I understand are not open, but can be seen from the cliffs. We’ll be spending two days, 1 night, on Northern Ireland Coast My line is as follows: Daniel of Kenbaan (b. 1590), Patrick of Barony of Dunluce (b. 1635), Maurice of Giant's Causeway (b. 1696), and John McHenry of Giant’s Causeway (b. 1725, d. 1812). John came to the United States in 1739 at the age of 14. . Our name derived of O'Cahane, O'Kane, Clan Henry, O'Henry, MacHenry, McHenry, or FitzHenry. Anything you could share with me before my visit would be greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to see the green grass and smell the sea of home. 17Jul13
188 Archibold McBride
Mary McGrath
Brian McBride
I have been planning a trip to Ireland for a few years to retrace my family origins. Recent events in my life have made it all the more important and my research has led me to you. My Great Grandfather was Archibold McBride. He married Mary McGrath. They were married at the town of Five Mile which is just south of Okarito (5 miles actually) in South Westland NZ. They were married around 1870. I have more info about them but it is not with me as I write this. Archibold was from Antrim and arrived with fellow miners named Butler, Scally, and I think McCormack. They were known locally as the Fardowners. I very much would like to travel to Ireland in the next six months and meet and mingle with their descendants. I grew up in a Catholic family in South Westland and am intensely proud of my Irish roots. 17Jul13
187 Margaret McCaig Nancy Jo Buchanan
I am starting to do family research on Margaret McCaig (born 1818) and her father, James McCaig (born 1785, who's wife was Mary C ___). I have no information on the family or when the emigrated to North America. Margaret's tombstone inscription states she was born in Ballycastle, County Antrim. She and her parents are buried in St. Bernard's Cemetery, Watertown, Wisconsin, USA. Their last name could also be spelled as McKeogue. I am hoping to find living relatives of my grandparents in the area to correspond with. Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated in furthering my research. 17Jul13
186 Mary McHenry Amanda Salonga
I am trying to gain information about Mary McHenry who was born at Ballycastle in 1855, married Patrick Mee then migrated to Queensland Australia. If you have any information regarding her could you please let me know. 17Jul13
185 Charles James Devlin Pam Noonan
I am trying to trace a Charles James Devlin. He is my Great Grandfather.Charles immigrated to Australia. Havnt found any records of where he arrived in Australia originally. Did Northern Ireland folks immigrate to any particular city in Australia from say 1870 to 1886.He married Ellen Jane O'Hara in 1886 in Sydney Australia. On marriage certificate He noted his parents as Patrick Devlin and Bridget Rogers - farmers. His age was 23 years, so must do been born about 1863. On death cert stated he came from Ballycastle, Co Antrim. 22Apr13
184 James Campbell Helen Graeser
Seeking information on James Campbell married c1901 in Armoy to Sarah Morrow daughter of Mary A. Morrow. In 1911 and 1912 they were living Moyain Lower, Ballycregagh, Armoy. They had four sons James, Samuel, Albert and Alexander born between 1906 and 1915 22Apr13
183  John Cromie Jenni Cromie
I am looking for any descendants of John Cromie of the Ballycastle area, and also I am a direct descendant of Alexander Fullerton who bought Ballycastle land in 1760 and then sold it on late 1700's or early 1800's to the Cuppage Captain and then onto McShanes. The Castle was pulled down - I would love to know if anyone has a sketch or painting of the castle and / or any information on descendants of the George Cecil Fullerton who was buried in the churchyard there…. I have plenty of information if anyone would like to share it…. 05Mar13
182 Edward Reynold Kelly Patsy Curtis
Edward Reynold Kelly born I believe in the late 1700’s early 1800’s . My connection is that my father was baptised Edward Reynolds Kelly and it would have been his great Grandfather.
There was a son Thomas Kelly married to Elizabeth Wardman who would have been my father’s Grandfather, but it would seem that he came to England and settled in Oxfordshire.
181 Patrick & Mary (Keefe sp? Or Canty) Brown James Brown
I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Patrick and Mary (Keefe sp? Or Canty) Brown. I think Patrick died in Ballycastle. He was born abt 1841 and the 1871 England Census shows they lived in Bermondsey, London, England with their sons: Patrick, Timothy, James, and Maurice. Just wondering if the elder Patrick may have been buried in a Ballycastle cemetery. 26Jan13
180 Robert Mitchell & Roseanna Stewart Shirley Harper
Robert Mitchell and Roseanna Stewart married circa 1820 in Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. Robert’s father was George Mitchell. Robert and Roseanna then lived in Emyvale, Co. Monaghan where their children were born. Robert came to Sydney, Australia with all his children in 1855 after Roseanna had died in Ireland. Are marriage records for Ballycastle available anywhere please? 26Jan13
179 McCurdy Linda Lemons
McCurdy, John born about 1800 married Ann Scott around 1822. Child Ellen/Helen/Nelly. Other brothers of his possibly Archibald and James. At the tie of Griffiths Valuation, McCurdy name is in Antrim although not Ballycastle. Family emigrated to Ontario, Canada 1847. 25Jan13
178 McCook glen
my ancestors emigrated from Ballymoney or Ballycastle arriving Australia Feb. 1842. he was Robert McCook born 1814 to john and Elizabeth Fraser. i think he was one of three brothers. he married Mary Stuart they left about oct\nov., 1841on the ship "Margaret" bound for Sydney, Australia. 07/10/12
I am looking for information about the McCaughan family that lived at Stroanshesk in Ballycastle in the 19th century. My GrtGrandmother Sarah b 1851 had at least 2 brothers John c1839-1908 and Hugh c1841-1913. Sarah married John Scott of Drumawillan. Two (of 12!) of their children, Sarah (my grandmother) and her brother Charles were raised at Stroanshesk. This Charles Scott plus John and Hugh McCaughan are listed in the 1901 and 1911 censuses as living at Stroanshesk (Townpark). I am seeking information about the original Charles McCaughan: who was his wife?; When/Where was he/they born? When did they die?; Where are they buried? Are there other siblings? Also, is there anything left of the Stroanshesk farm (most of which I understand is now a caravan park)? 07/10/12
176 Todd Russ Register
I am a descendent of one of the Todd's from Ballycastle 1756 William B Todd List of Brothers of William B Todd
John Todd 1754-1819
Willaim B Todd 1756-1819 * listed above
Archibald Todd 1764-1820
Edward Todd 1770 -????
Daniel Todd 1798 went to NY
I am looking for my relatives and want to know my history before the US William and Archibald fought in the Revolutionary war
William were captured and aboard the Jersey Prison ship and paroled one month later
The brothers went to Pennsylvania and part went to Harrison Ohio then Coshocton Ohio mid 1850's
Pictures story family history anything is welcome
My DNA shows Norse Viking. I test for Iceland and Norway and my family i History were Vikings Norway SW area that's from DNA
Forum 2009 MY DNA traces to Todd's of this area any help is great Russell D Todd Register I want my family in Ireland and else where ANy help is accepted.
175 Daniel Todd Ruthanne Main
I am interested in finding out any information about a Daniel Todd born 1798 in Ballycastle Antrim. He emigrated to the US in 1847 on the Monticello. I am specifically looking for information about his parents and other ancestors, as well as where they lived. 09/09/12
174 Jackson McMullan John Gordon
looking for info on Jackson McMullan born about 1813 married Mary Mullan about 1850 children john Patrick Elizabeth Mary Catherine baptised in Loughguile moved to Scotland 1865 Jackson left his family in Scotland and died at Dervock 1879 September ie his birth and father @mothers name where Jackson married 09/08/12
173 Hugh Dillon & Mary McKillop Marian Palmer (nee Dillon)
I am looking for any information on my G.G.Grandparents, Hugh Dillon (b.ab.1801) and Mary McKillop (b.ab.1805) and lived in Moyle, Cushendun, Co Antrim. I have no info on them except the following children born in Cushendun: Daniel (1833) David (1834) Elizabeth (28/06/1835) and after moving to Scotland had Hugh (1837) James (1838) John (1845) 15/06/12
172 McVey James McVey, Canada
Is the McVey family name known by anyone? 15/06/12
171 McLaughlin Paul McLaughlin
On 22 Apr 1909 Patrick McLaughlin married Catherine Rodgers in Ramoan Church of Ireland, Ballycastle. Patrick was killed in WW1 on 27th Oct 1914 and it is believed that Catherine died in April 1915. They had five children in total, I have traced two of them: William (my granddad) And John Rodgers (Catherine's son from her first marriage) (Catherine's birth surname was Simpson)
I am trying to identity the three other children, I don’t know their names or sex etc, but believe they were all born between 1911 and 1915.
I believe that they were all baptised at Ramon Church of Ireland.
170 David John Fulton & Janetta Orr Larry Fulton
I am looking for any evidence of my greatgradparents David John Fulton birth place or activities in Ballycastle.
Under PRONI records:
David John Fulton & Janetta Orr Married at Toberkeigh Presbyterian Church,Antrim 13th Jan 1876
I have not been able to find any more information at this time or before of his where abouts. The 1881 census for Liverpool, lancashire, Engand records him and his wife residing in Liverpool. His children are born in Liverpool.
I have hit a brick wall to find out any more. I would deeply appreciate any information I can be given.
169 Duncan Ballantyne & Rosetta Hill Park McLean Ballantyne Rosie Faro
I am looking for any information about my Grandparents Duncan Ballantyne & Rosetta Hill Park McLean Ballantyne.
They were married in Ballintoy on 26 July 1896. I think they lived in Ballycastle.
I never met them as they passed away before I was born. They had eleven children, many of them born in Ireland before they all left Ireland and settled in Ayrshire in Scotland.
The children's names were: Alexander (Alex), Duncan, Daniel (Dan), Harry, James (Jimmy), John (Johnny) Helen (Ellen), Annie, Rosemary (Rose), Agnes and my Mother - Lillias (Lily).I now live in Western Australia and would appreciate any information as I have no family members who can help in my research.
168 Mary Teresa Butler maureen mcvittie
Looking for my grandparents. I was born Mary Teresa Butler in Glasgow 1955, my mother was also Mart teresa , address on my certificate is craigfad, Ballyvoe, Ballycastle. Can anyone help. 06/04/12
167 James McCaughan/McCahan Cynthia McCaughan New Zealand
I’m looking for descendants of or any information or someone willing to do look-ups about: James McCaughan/McCahan b 1831 m Mary Morrison b 1836. James’s father was Robert McCaughan and Mary’s father was Duncan Morrison. James and Mary had seven children: Robert, Patrick, Sarah, Duncan, Elizabeth, James and Annie. Both Robert and Patrick emigrated to New Zealand. Patrick, my grtgrt grandfather was supposed to go to Canada but swapped with someone else and travelled to NZ on ss Coptic in 1887. I have a copy of the birth record for Sarah b1865 registered Craig, Dunseverick, Croag, Ballycastle. all her siblings were baptised in the same place. James made his mark which explains the different names McCaughan/McCahan at their baptisms. 06/04/12
166 Thomas James McCaughan Susan Mccaughan
Thomas James McCaughan who was married to Jeannie/Jane McGaghey lived in Bushmills daughter of Henry McGahey and Mary Jane McCaughan. Thomas James is my great grandad He was known in the village as stick leg! he left the village I believe with a Mrs McCollum. Mrs McColloms husbands name was Joseph. he had three boys with jeannie and they went to australia! Does any one know where they went? and what her name was? does anyone know of a stick leg in bushmills? 06/04/12
165 Annie Hill Jill Kerr
Annie Hill Born 22 June 1863,Ballycastle,Antrim Father: James Hill Mother: Catherine McILroy, Died 1863 in childbirth Pioneer Passes~ Mrs Annie Borland Taken from the Obituary of Annie. Born at Ballycastle on the rugged yet beautiful Antrim Coast and losing her mother at birth, the early childhood days of the young Irish girl, Annie Hill, were spent under the care of her grandmother. At age 11 years of age , she began keeping house for her father and uncle. Her first position was as nursemaid with the Weggs family, English people who owned the Antrim Arms Hotel. Later a move was made to Manchester, England and three happy years were spent there mostly as housemaid in the service of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kerris. Her husband to be Alexander Borland of the village Ballintoy, Antrim and a childhood friend, after working in Scotland, migrated to Australia arriving at Bundaberg by sailing ship in 1883. The young peoples plans were to to marry in Queensland in 1884, the year fixed for Annie's arrival there. fate played a hand which lead to a delay and they were eventually married in 1885 in Cooktown, Queensland. Can you help with any details on Annie or her family or perhaps the families which I have mentioned for whom Annie worked. Thank You 06/04/12
164 John McBride
Margaret McKeenan
Thomas McBride
Any information about my great grandparents John McBride born1832 died 1871 Married 5th June 1869 Ballycastle to Margaret McKeenan born 1847 Ballycastle They had one son John born 1871 in Colraine married 22 nd Nov.1892 to Jane Ann Young born 19th August 1874 ireland John died in kilsyth 5th April 1917 and Jane died 11th sept 1951. strangely mothers name on Johns death certificate is Magaret Gillespie I am baffled ! John and Jane had 9 children 7 of which lived. 28/03/12
163 McCaw
V. Begg
Patrick McCaw was my great-great grandfather, born 17 March 1836 in Ballycastle, County Antrim. His parents were Patrick McCaw and Esther McKay. He came to the US about 1855 and was in Brooklyn NY by 1863 where he remained until death.
He and his family in NY for many years lived next door to Alexander McKay, son of Alexander McKay and Katie (Catherine?) McCaw. I believe Patrick McCaw and Alexander McKay were closely related, probably double cousins.
Does anyone have any information about the MCCAW or MCKAY families in Ballycastle? Thank you.
162 Henry McAuley
Margaret/Margret McAuley
Tom and Denise McAuley
We are looking for information on Henry McAuley and his wife Margaret/Margret McAuley. They lived at 8 Castle St, Ballycastle. Henry died in Ballycastle, at Dalriada Hospital in 1943. Known places Henry and Margaret lived at are Larne and Antrim between 1901 and 1911. We want to know if Henry was born in Ballycastle. We would also like to know if he is buried in Ballycastle. Did his wife Margaret also die in Ballycastle? 15/01/12
161 James Neely Pat & Jim Kindle
James Neely I believe came from Antrim Northern Ireland. His son Alexander Neely (1833) left from Antrim and arrived in the US., Philadelphia, in 1855. James Neely married Margaret Lamon. Possibly had a daughter names Mary Neely, who also came to the US, some time after her brother Alexander. They both settled outside of Philadelphia, in Lower Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am searching for information when they lived in Northern Ireland 07/12/11
160 Thomas James McCaughan Sue Moore
hello im looking for Thomas James McCaughan who was married to Jeannie/Jane McGaghey lived in Bushmills daughter of Henry McGahey and Mary Jane McCaughan. Thomas James is my great grandad He was known in the village as stick leg! he left the village I belieive with a Mrs McCollum. Does any one know where they went? and what her name was? 28/11/11
159 Mary McAlister Becky Jones
Hi, I'm trying to find any information about my grandmother Mary McAlister born around 1880, daughter of John McAlister who was a farmer at Fairhead Ballycastle and moved to Belfast around 1900. She married in Belfast in1908 and moved to Newcastle upon Tyne England. 28/11/11
158 William Salmon and Myra Jane Salmon R. Gill
I have just discovered a photo taken of my Grandparents &^ Great Grandparents in Ballintoy. The picture was taken at the end of a row of 3/4 houses with a large square tower at one end and bay windows at the wall where the photo was taken around the LATE 1890 - 1900. My great grandfather id wearing a uniform like a coast guards or a naval type. His name was William Salmon and Myra Jane Salmon & 6 of his children are also in the picture. He must have moved from the area around 1900+ as his name and thise of his family are on the 1911 census in Bannow, Co.Wexford. 28/11/11
157 Darrah Peter De Ath
I am trying to prove ancestry to the DARRAH family, members of which, baptised their children in Ballycastle between 1864-1879. There are seven children listed in the All Ireland Births and Baptisms Index on Ancestry.co.uk. The family was: Archibald DARRAH and Anne Jane MCLEAN - late 19th century. Specifically, I have proved my DARRAH family line back to Liverpool, Lancashire, where parish records reflect that my GGG Grandfather (also Archibald) was established as a tailor in Liverpool in 1781, together with his his wife Jane (maiden name unknown) and several children. The family appear to have remained mainly in Liverpool throughout the early part of the century, but eventually resulting in one of the family migrating to London. I have always suspected that they originated in Antrim. Whether my Archibald was the ancestor of the listed one is a mystery at the moment. I have not discovered whether my DARRAH ancestors arrived in Liverpool from Antrim, or indeed Ballycastle, but the Index above does not list any other instances of the family name Archibald and I would be grateful if any reader has knowledge of the DARRAHs in Ballycastle, or any other source data that may help me. 28/11/11
156 Michael McCune Marshall Davila
I'm looking for any info on Michael McCune. He volunteered to fight in the US Civil War and listed Ballycastle Ireland on his enlistment paper. He was born in 1835 to his father Michael, born in 1795, and mother Rosanna born in 1800. His siblings were Mary, born in 1833, Margaret, born in 1838, Sarah, born in 1841, and John, born in 1848. They all emigrated to New York, US in 1850. 28/11/11
155 John and Isabelle (McPherson) White Mary Beaman Risch
I seek information about my great-grandparents, John and Isabelle (McPherson) White who married in Ballycastle in 1881. Isabelle's parents (according to the 1925 Iowa, USA, census) were Samuel and Mary (McCurdy) McPherson. I think Samuel's father was Jackson McPherson according to Samuel and Mary's Irish civil wedding record. Please advise whom to contact for help. 28/11/11
154 James Campbell and Ann Reynolds HLGrae@aol.com Trying to put together the family of James Campbell and Ann Reynolds my gr gr aunt. They first lived in Amoy and later moved to Fair Hill St, Ballycastle. Their known children born between 1876 and 1884 were James, Fanny, Samuel and Catherine(Kate). There seems to have been other children whose birth records have not been found; Annie married a McLaughlin and died around 1900 leaving 4 chidren; Isabel married a Kane and had a daughter Annie born about 1901; possibly daughters Jane and Sarah and another son Charles. Apparently as a widow Ann Campbell raised grandchildren Daniel McLaughlin born 1897 and Annie McLaughlin born about 1899,. 05/10/11
153 John Cramsie Terrie Rolwes
Searching for information on John Cramsie, married to Anna Thompson, with sisters Margaret who married John Edward Kane and sister Catherine who married John Doherty. Emmigrated around 1835, with only Ireland on all records, but believe them to have come from Ballymoney or Ballycastle area. All landed in Philadelphia, PA & settled for a couple of years. John, Anna, Catherine and John ventured to Quincy, IL and raised families who live there today. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Any help please!! 05/10/11
152 John and Mary McCooks Glen
Any information on John and Mary McCooks graves in northern Ireland for my research into my family tree. their son Robert left Ireland in 1841 with his new bride Mary Stuart. They were the grandparents of my great grandfather, Alexander McCook in St Marys, NSW, Australia. 21/08/11
151 John Andrews Byrne Roger I Cartwright
I'm seeking to see if there is a link between the above who lived in Ballycastle and Thomas Andrews the designer of Titanic. The above was a land agent and died I believe at an early age in 1927. 31/07/11
150 Mary Jane McKeown Karen Moison
Looking for information on my gt gt granmother Mary Jane McKeown from Lagavar, Ballintoy, daughter of Daniel McKeown. She married William McCaughan from Armoy in 1853 14/07/11
149 Alexander McAllister Dorothy
Am interested in locating information about a Alexander McAllister who was b. 1748 possibly in Scotland.  His parents(who are they?)  moved to Ireland prior to his 18th birthday. Other children were possibly born in Ireland.  ;This is according to family information.  Alexander possibly had brothers, James John, Daniel and others.  Some claim that they were in Bally Castle. 
Alexander immigrated to America where he married in 1797.  Was he married prior to this marriage?  Any information about this family will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so very much.
148 Jamieson Anne
Looking for records Jamieson family circa 1833-1845 BelleCastle Ireland. Father John Jamieson, Mother Jane McMullen Jamieson, Daughter Anne Jane Jamieson born 1838, Son David J. Jamieson born 1843, daughter Agnes Jamieson born circa 1840. Both Anne Jane and David J. Jamieson later moved to Brantford Ontario Canada. These family members were Presbyterian. Can anyone do a lookup for me. Thank you in advance. 16/06/11
147 Smiley family Sharron Smiley
My father came from Ballycastle. He was born there in 1923 the youngest of 14 children. Unfortunately, all my father’s brothers and sisters are now passed away. I have some cousins in England, but I know some of his brothers and sisters still lived in Ballycastle. I would love to get in touch with any of them to find out more about my family. I cant remember all their names but some of them were John (my dad), Patrick (Pat), Alex, Archie, Margaret, Mary (think she moved to Australia). My grandparents were called Patrick and Ellen. 11/06/11
146 Hugh McIntyre and Elizabeth Coyle(s) Margaret Whittington
I just wanted to drop a line to you all. I am looking for any information about my great grandparents Hugh McIntyre and Elizabeth Coyle(s). I really don't have any information but what I do have is this:
Hugh & Elizabeth has 3 children, Hugh, James and Jean. They lived on a farm in Ballycastle and Elizabeth died young from TB (I think) and the 2 boys stayed with their father helping on the farm after their mother's death and Jean went to live up on the hill with my great grandfathers sister Jean. That's about all I know except that the McIntyres were a big family. My grandfather moved to Scotland and had his family and lost touch with his father and brother and sister. I know also that my grandfather eventually connected with his brother and sister but all 3 have passed since.
Hugh McIntyre and Elizabeth Coyles were my greatgrandparents. I have their info - Hugh McIntyre b.4/4/1877 Bovardon, Antrim his father is William and his mother is Hetty McIntyre McClarey. My greatgrandmother's info is Elizabeth Coyles b.12/13/1880 Ramoan, Antrim and she died in March 1919 in Gortconney, her father is James and her mother is Elizabeth Campbell. I would really like to find information for the above but more than anything I would love to find out where Elizabeth McIntyre is buried.
145 McAllister family csds2625@comcast.net I am helping a friend search for his McAllister family that came to America. It is believed they came from Ballycastle. His ancestors were James McAllister and wife Sara Kyle McAllister. James and Sarah were born about 1822. They had three children: John, James and Mary. James died before 1882. About 1882 Sarah immigrated to America and lived in Buffalo, NY. Either before or right after her immigration she married a man by the surname of Clark. His given name is unknown.
James born June of 1847 (family notes say born in Antrim), immigrated to America and died in Titusville, PA in 1873, unmarried.
John born about 1844 in Ireland Came to America and by 1870 had two children. He married Rose McKinley. Eventually the family moved to NJ and NY.
Mary born 10 August 1850 married Alexander McGugen, about 1873. He was born in BallyCastle, in August 1849. They both died in Titusville, PA.
Can anyone help me in my search to find James and Sara... where they were born and when?
144 Whitefords and McBrides from the Fair Head area Paul Crewe
I am looking to make contact with anyone who can help me with information about the Whitefords and McBrides who were from the Culfeightrin parish near Ballycastle, particularly in the Cross townland. John Whiteford married Jane McBride, Mary Whiteford married John McBride, and Ellen Whiteford married Hugh McBride in this area around 1800-1810. Descendants of these families moved to Campbeltown and also to New Zealand. I have a lot of information on these families which I am happy to share, and am trying to tie them together. Some of the families they married into were Butler, Kinney, McCormick and Scally. 04/06/11;
143 Helen Mary Dickson (born Laing) Grace M
I'm looking for any information about my great, great, great Aunt Helen Mary Dickson (born Laing) who was born in Edinburgh 1848 and died in Ballaycastle between 1901 & 1911. Her husband was John Hall Dickson who was born in Edinburgh in 1842. They moved to Ireland possibly around 1889. 04/06/11;
142 James Brown Beverley Preston
I am looking for any information on my (step) greatgrandfather. His name was James Brown. He was born in Ballycastle Sept. 2nd 1896. His mother was Margaret (not sure of her maiden name) and father was James Brown. I know that he had atleast one sibling. Her name was Elizabeth. The family came to Canada after James Sr. was killed for stealing a loaf of bread. James Jr. served in the Great War and his mother was in Red Deer Alberta during the war. James Jr. was 2nd husband to my great grandmother Florence Lewendon. The maiden name of Florence was Horsey. Florence and James never had any children. James died Jan. 13 1987 in Summerland British Columbia Florence died in 1965. 04/06/11
141 John Rennie Vanessa McAlonan
looking for info on a John Rennie who was a publican in Market Street Ballycastle in 1935 approx, would like to know name of pub, also any info on his children, Laura Jane Rennie born 1911 and John Rennie born 1913 both in Ballycastle. 03/06/11
140 Hugh McLees Dinas Family
Looking for birth and parents of Hugh McLees born about 1840 in Ballycaslte Antrim Ireland 03/06/11
139 Margaret Jane McAlister
Hugh Rainnie
Phil Croker
hi there. i am tryin to trace my mums family. her grandmother was called margaret jane mcalister and her husband was called hugh rainnie. they had 3 children called mary william and samuel. any information that anyone could supply would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much 17/02/11
138 Kane Kate Jenkinson
Hi, I am looking for any information on the Kane family from Ballycastle. My gran, Emily Kane, (DOB: 12/8/1901),lived at 19 Jeffery Street, Ballycastle with her Mum (Isobel Kane and father Alexander Kane). My gran's gran also lived in Distillary Street, Ballycastle (Isobel (Bella) (nee Campbell). Emily Kane's siblings:- Annie (oldest), Eddie, Minnie, Kathleen, Samuel and George. I belive Alexander Kane was a head engineer. Emily Kane was married to Robert George Brown in Ballycastle, then moved to Belfast. I look forward to hearing from anyone. 17/02/11
137 John and Bridget McMullen Mooney Bob Wallace
Columbus, Ohio USA rew1947@att.net
I am looking for any information regarding John and Bridget McMullen Mooney. They were married July 23, 1836 in Loughguile parish. Their son Patrick was born in Ballycastle in June 1843 and baptized September 1843. They also had a son Daniel Mooney who was baptized March 5, 1841. John and Bridget are my great-great grandparents. 17/02/11
136 Jennings Frank Jennings
My grandfather was born in Ballycastle around 1854 - James Jennings. My dad was also born in Ballycastle Feb 9 1907. His brother died in France march 10 1916 - James Jennings 7th Battalion Royal Enniskillen fusiliers. 
Would you be able to help me get started with a family tree?
135 Patrick McKiernan/McKernan Mary Elizabeth Wagner
Hoping someone in Ballycastle would be willing to do a church record lookup for me. I cannot obtain records stateside and traveling to Ireland is not an option.
Trying to find info on Patrick McKiernan/McKernan born around 1839, possibly before that, presuming he was at least ten years older than his wife. Believe he was born in Culfeightrin RC Parish, St. Patrick's RC Church, at Ballyvoy. He married Mary Ann McHenry (b. 1849) also in Culfeightrin Parish. Not sure if they married in Culfeightrin or in the US. They settled in Phila., Pa. He died in Phila., in 1880. Would like to find the first names of Patrick's parents.
Thank you to anyone who is able and willing to help.


134 Boyd PK Anderson
Mary Boyd married first Rev. Alexander Cuppage of Glenbank in townland Corvally (also spelled Corvilley and Corbally). After Alexander drowned in 1772 Mary wed James Boyd, Esq., of Whitehall. Does anyone know whether Mary and James had children? On the 1803 agricultural census there are seven adult males named Boyd living in Corvally, including a John Boyd. John can be traced in various records relating to Corvally until at least 1838. In 1847-48 his widow Anna (b. about 1787; called Nancy) emigrated to North America with seven of her children. We know that her son Samuel stayed in Ireland, and there may have been others who remained. Among the children who emigrated were Sarah (b. about 1805), who was married to Alexander Curry; Anna ( b. about 1812; also called Nancy), who was married to Charles McMullen; and Andrew (b. about 1828) who had been married to a daughter of John McNeill. After Anna Boyd and her children emigrated, a William John Boyd took over farming their holding in Corvally. We believe that William John died 25 Feb 1865. His widow's name was Sarah and he may have had a son, John Boyd, and a granddaughter named Margaret who married a McMullen in 1880. We suspect but cannot prove that the Cape Castle branch of the Boyd family are close relatives to the Corvally Boyds. Known 20th Century descendants of the Cape Castle Boyds are Elizabeth Sharpe and her children Elizabeth Jean, Andrina Alexandra and Jack Boyd Sharpe, who are on the 1911 census. The John Boyd living in 1901 and 1911 with his Aunt Rachel Hill in Corvally is probably the son of John Boyd of Kilmoyangey, Ballymoney. We have found no connection between the Kilmoyangey Boyds and the pre-1890 Corvally Boyds. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with information about the Glenbank, Corvally, Whitehall and/or Cape Castle Boyds. John and Anna of Corvally are my great-great-great-grandparents. I would like to know more about their ancestors, their relatives, and their lives. Many thanks! 06/09/10
133 Rennie/Rainey family from East Torr / Torr East area Vanessa McAlonan
Looking for any further information on Rennie/Rainey family from East Torr / Torr East area, have located some on the 1901 and 1911 census, John Rennie born abt 1840 ,married Mary Jane McCarty/McCurty abt 1875 son James born 1876 son John born abt 1879 married Elsie Hoyes son Samuel Lyle born abt 1881, went to USA,then South Africa, came home for a few months in 1926 son David born 1883, went to Australia, died in WW1, member of Australian Imperial Force son Charles born about 1888 went to USA . 10/08/10
132 Maggie Norton Sean T Traynor
I am looking for information on a Maggie Norton who lived in Ballycastle, who may have been Farrell by maiden name, originally from Ballymena, was known/thought to be related to a Trainor family. Does anyone recall her or know of her decendants. 21/06/10
131 Sherrad Lynne Hughson
Am trying to find information on my grandmother Mary Sherrard & her family. All I know is that she was born in Ballycastle in 1886. Her father, James Sherrard, was a farm labourer and he had died before 1915. In 1911 census Mary was living at 37 Cromwell Rd Cromac Belfast & employed as a servant in the house of Hugh Moffett. She was listed as Church of Ireland. By 1915 she was living in England & was married to Frederick Bachelor on 4 Dec 1915 in Hammersmith. She died 22 Feb 1929. If anyone can give me any information on this branch of my family I would be very grateful 21/06/10
130 McKarnin / McKenny Joyce Pecora
My g-great grandparents came to USA in mid 1800. Think around 1850 from BallyCastle. Their names were James McKarnin and wife Ann (maiden name McKinney). They had 3 sons one is Charles born in 1847, George who was older than Charles and another who's name I am unsure of. James came a year or so before Ann and the boys came. I can not find any ship with James on it so he may have worked his way across. Ann and the boys I did find on a ships list. If anyone knows of a different spelling for McKarnin since we think that it could have been changed upon arriving in the USA. Know that Ann had family in Ireland so was hoping that there is still some descendants that could tell me about the family or might have pictures of family members. I do have a tin type of an older gentleman taken in Belfast. Would love to find out who it is. Am sure it is a relative of either Mckarnin or McKenny 21/06/10
129 John Boyd Shirley Law
I am looking for information on the family of my G.Grandfather John Boyd, who said he was born in Moss Side,Stranocum in 1840. His father was Adam Boyd and his mother was Ann McGowan Boyd. He emigrated from Northern Ireland and arrived in Nova Scotia, Canada about 1862, I am not sure if he arrived by ship to Nova Scotia or if he went first to the USA. I think; Adam had a connection to "Chatham Hall" and/or Ballycastle. I know about my JOHN BOYD and his descendants, as I am one of ;them, but I do not know anything about his Parents or Siblings, if he had any. I did see where Chatham Hall was last year, but I did not know the connection of the BOYD's to Ballycastle when I was there, Of course the only thing left of Chatham Hall, is a big brick chimney, I hope that hasn't been torn down by now. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me find my g.grandfather's family. 13/05/10
128 Hamilton Keown and Michael Hall Lesley Brook
Hamilton Keown was a coastguard at Torr Head from 1829 to 1846, then lived in Ballycastle.  I believe his son William was parish clerk at Culfeightrin. His son-in-law, Michael Hall, lived at Tornaroan, Culfeightrin.  Michael Hall was a coastguard at Torr Head from 1839 until 1847 when he transferred to Murlough Bay, a little closer to home. 13/05/10
127 Hugh Hunter William Jamieson
Looking for any family details for Hugh Hunter Born C1760 1766, died C1834 married ? Had a daughter C1810 ? Who married John Jamieson C1830. 13/05/10
126 John LaRock and Kate McIntyre Tom Olson
When my wife's grandfather Claude Bertrand LaRock was married in Sparta Wisconsin USA on September 8, 1909 he was still a US Soldier. On his Marriage Certificate he listed his residence as Ballycastle Ireland, Son of John LaRock and Kate McIntyre. His birth is listed as Jan 8th 1880. Any information would be appreciated. 13/05/10
125 .... Robert Thompson
I am researching the 1914-18 section of Ballycastle War Memorial and would need to meet any families with relatives named there. I will eventually be publishing a book on my findings. I need help with John and Thomas Gallagher. Joseph Forsythe, James Norton, John Simpson, Daniel McIntosh, William Kirkpatrick, George McCafferty, John Carruthers, John McCafferty and many more. I am also including Ballintoy and Cushendall 13/05/10
124 Randel or Ronald McDonald  Normand Gaudet
I'm looking for Randel or Ronald McDonald born 1781 and married a Elizabeth Stuart. They moved to Canada maybe early 1800s. 17/03/10
123 Ezekiel McAlister Robert McAllister
Looking for information on Ezekiel McAlister b.1857 in Culfreightrin. Married Mary Donoughy on 1882 in Ballycastle. Address for both was given as Terard ( unable too locate this place ). Ezekiel's occupation was given as Farmer & Mary's as Housekeeper. Mary was previously a widow. Ezekiel's parents were Charles McAlister & Mary Ann Stewart, and as far as i can ascertain in 1851 were living in Glenmakeeran. Mary's father was called Patrick Donoughy and he was also a Farmer. Sponsers on Ezekiel's BC were Daniel McCormick & Ann McAlister. Witnesses at marriage were Archibald Lynn & Anne Scally. Any assistance greatly appreciated. 17/03/10
122 Daniel McLain Deborah McLean
Searching for information on Daniel McLain, born in Ballycastle in late 1700's. He was married twice - his first wife's name is unknown and second wife's name was Nancy. Daniel had two sons - John (1805) and Daniel Jr. The two sons emigrated to Canada in 1828 and 1831 respectively. There is little information on Daniel Jr, and it is assumed he may have died of cholera shortly after he arrived in Montreal. John settled in Nova Scotia and married Elmera Rhyno. They had eleven children, among them David McLain (my great grandfather). David married Lucy Matilda Oikle. They had a least three children, Josephine, Thomas St. Clair, and Daniel Henry. Daniel Henry was my grandfather. He changed the spelling of McLain to McLean. He married Princetta Graves and they had 8 children, among them my mother, Thelma, who was the youngest of the family born in 1918. I will be in Ballycastle in June 2010 and would love to gather and share more information on Daniel or John McLain. I have copies of a few letters from Daniel McLain to John (dated 1834 -36), which I would love to share with anyone having connections with Daniel or John McLain. 17/03/10
121 Samuel James Campbell Sara Campbell-Lynch
I am searching for any information on Samuel James Campbell born in Coughcorr 24th of May 1922. I have found his grandparents on the 1911 census as being William John Campbell and Margaret Campbell with 6 of their children one of whom is Mina, Samuel James' mother. On his birth certificate father is listed as unknown. I know he had an older sister but do not know her name. I believe his mother Mina emergrated to Canada when the children were very young. Samuel James and his sister were brought up in Cloughcorr by his grandmother Margaret who by this time was a widow. I would also be very interested in any help in finding the whereabouts of the small settlement of Cloughcorr in the parish of Ballintoy. I would like to visit it but as yet I can not find on any maps. I will be visiting over Easter 2010 with a view to trying to find out more. 17/03/10
120 Peter McNeil Anne Pratt Slatin
I am searching for Peter McNeil, who was born April 15, 1854, in Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. He emigrated, as a bachelor, from Larne, Ireland, on November 30, 1872, for the US. He may have had a brother named Henry. Henry was my great grandfather, who also came to the US. Both settled in Buffalo, NY, and were coal & wood dealers. His parents were Malcolm McNeil and Mary Butler McNeil; both may have been born in Scotland. 03/02/10
119 Mary Mac Donnell
John Christie
John Christie (GGgson)
Please would you have any info on a Mary Mac Donnell, B about 1805 who married?? a John Christie B 1803 in the Parish of Ramoan, John was in the 91st Reg of foot which he joined on the 25th July 1825. John & Mary & 2 children left; Belfast in 1848 for NZ where John died in 1852 & Mary in1889. Mary married twice more after John died. Thank you for any info you may have.
John Christie ,born 1803 in or near the town of Ramoan County Antrim;who joined the;91st reg of foot in july 1825, it is believed he married about 1831 in Ireland a Mary MacDonnell, there were two children Mary Jane born Ireland? 1837 & John born Portsmouth 1832. this family ended up in NZ in 1848 were John senior died 1852, his wife Mary then married a Mr Hurley who also died, she then married a Mr Robert Noonan, Mary died in Hobson St Auckland 1889.John senior is buried in the old catholic cemetry in Otahuhu NZ & Mary his wife was buried;in the Symonds St cemetry Auckland city, untill a motorway was put through the cemetry & many bobies were shifted to; another cemetry.


116 Woodside ;Pat Berry in Australia
I am looking for any information on DANIEL WOODSIDE who was born on 12th January 1884 at Ballycastle County Antrim. We know that his father was JAMES WOODSIDE and he was a Farmer and that he was deceased at 1904. We don't know who his mother was. We also know that he had two older sisters in USA but we don't know their names. I have found Daniel Woodside on a voyage from Londonderry to New York in 1902 and was going to an address in Philadelphia. The occupant of this address in 1900 was EMMA MOORE. Daniel married in 1904 in Cornwall England. He was a Seaman and I have found voyages between 1919 and 1922 to New York and Sydney.
115 Hopkins Jack Hopkins
I am hoping you may be able to assist me.  I am looking for information on John and Eliza Hopkins, who immigrated to Canada in 1834, with their 6 children, namely:
    James;   born;   1824
    John Jr;  born;   1826
    Matilda;  born;   1828
    William;  born;   1830
    Eliza, Jr; born;   1832
    John Hopkins was born May 1st, 1800 or 1804, he came from County Londonderry, Parish Aghanlo. I believe Eliza's maiden name was Gibney. My wife and I will be in Ireland on an Irish Tour from Sept 18 - Oct 3rd, this fall.Any information you have would be very much appreciated
114 Ross Sandra Davidson Frye
I am looking for decendants of James Ross and Mary Simpson Ross. ;My grandmother, Sarah Ross was born March 16,1887 in Moycraig. ;She was one of possibly 10 children. ;1906 she Arrived at Ellis Island. ;Married Jams Davidson of Tyrone Jan. 15, 1911. ;If anyone has any information in either family please contact me. 28/07/09
113 Butler Shona Young
Am looking for any;information on;John Butler (b. 1844 Ballycastle)  and Mary McHenry (abt 1842) and their ancestors. Both married;on the 17 Jun 1863 in;Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Culfeightrin, Ireland. He, his wife;and his two brothers Francis (b.1851 Ballycastle) and Patrick (b. 1846 Ballycastle) came to Otago in NZ in the 1800's. Their parents were John (abt 1820) and Sarah MacDonnell. Other relatives to come over were McCambridge and McBride (Captain). Hoping to find more information on these families;ancestry and descendants 31/05/09
112 McQuilikin Ron Wilkinson
MCQUILKIN - Robert was my Great Grandfather, born 5 May 1858 in Dunservic.   Parents:  Robert Neal McQuilkin (20 Sep 1836 - 03 Jun 1897?) and Rose McMullen (16 Aug 1836 - ?).   Robert;emigrated to New Zealand on 22 Nov 1877 from Greenock on the ship Wellington.   He appears to be the first of 8 children.
111 Robinson, Williamson, Quillian

Cheryl Abihanna

I am looking for information on William Robinson (Fisherman) and his wife Ellen Wilkinson or Quillian from County Antrim.  They had 2 sons that I know of Robert Robinson born 1878 and John Robinson 1880.  Both sons went to Australia, ;John in 1906 and Robert in 1910 after being in New Zealand for 2 1/2 years.  Robert died aged 33 in Sydney and John in 1956.  Robert married Maude Clarke or Vaughan.  John also Maude in 1942. 21/04/09
110 Parker Marvin Watson
I am looking into the marriage of Robert Parker born in Scotland and Mary Devine born in Ireland.  According to their Great-Great Granddaughter, he was born in Scotland and married an Irish woman Mary Devine.  She knows that they had twin daughters Frances and another girl born on March 21, 1852.  Robert was sent to Ireland to administer to the people of Ireland but when he married Mary his family disowned him.
They left in 1866 and supposedly landed in the United States, in Baltimore.  According to family tradition they were met in Batimore by Mary's sister, a Mrs. Devine.  I have not been able to find them in the US immigration list for Baltimore.
I have found Frances, married a second time to James Brady, in 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 US Census for Chenoa, McClean County, Illinois and know that she died after Frances was married the first time to a Mr. Bowman and I don't know his first name but they had two children, a daughter Ida and a son Robert.  I know that Ida married a Charles Junker, from Germany, in 1897 and she died in 1915.  She had two children, a daughter, Irma born in 1897, and a son, Carl born in 1900.
I would like to know if Robert and Mary lived in this Ballycastle area.  Was there any other children and when they died.  I would also like to know where Frances and her sister left England for the US and did they travel with anyone.
109 Ellison Eugene Ellison
I am descended from a William Ellison who emigrated from Co., Antrim in 1744 to Pennsylvania with children, William, John, Robert, Andrew and a daughter who's name I don't know.
William died in around 1760 and the children moved to South Carolina.
With given names in common, we are certain to have ancestors in common and I am looking for people in Ireland, England to exchange information with
108 McLean, Hunter, McHenry or Scally Kenneth McLean
My ancestors came from Culfeightrin parish outside of Ballycastle.  They were Catholic.  Anyone out there with information on the families of McLean, Hunter, McHenry or Scally?  I will be happy to share information with you. 08/03/09
107 Black family Carol Bailey
I am looking for the Black family that lived in mosside. My great grandmother was Margaret jane Black born in 1835 who married Robert Irwin Mclaughlin 1829. I am looking for her parents names, her brothers and sisters were Eliza black 1842 who emigrated to new Zealand and married hennery rothery. Sophia, Lachlan, john, maria, who I think emigrated to Australia, and Daniel who married Matha Mcneil. Would be grateful for any assistance 25/01/09
106 Rachael Robinson Maggie Jackson
Rachael Robinson (this was her married name) born in Ballycastle about 1794, with a daughter Ann.  She died in London whilst living with her daughter and her daughter's second husband, Francis Hewitt.  Her daughter's first husband was Alexander Birnie (my gt-gt-grandfather) and they had a son John Alexander.  20/02/09
105 Alexander McAuley John McAuley
My grandfather lived in the Ballycastle- Armoy area from when he was born in 1878 until he emigrated to the U.S. in 1906. He met my grandmother ( from County Cork ) in New York where my father was born. I've done extensive research and obtained his birth and baptismal records I needed to get Irish citizenship. Unfortunately on my three trips back to your area I've been unsuccessful in locating any family 07/01/09
104 McCormicks Molly Schwarzman
Information on my great great grandfather Alexander McCormick born about 1820 Ballycastle, died in Port Glasgow 1881.  He married Jane/Jean Andrews.  Their children: Elizabeth married James Tennyson, Jane married Joseph Kelly, Patrick, Annie Napier, John.  I hope to visit Ballycastle in March and maybe meet some 'cousins'.  07/01/09
103 Thompson Denise Thompson
I am seeking information relating to the Thompson family who may have lived;in Ballycastle in the 1830s and before. For all his working life Charles Duncan Thompson was assistant astronomer to the Astronomer Royal at Dunsink Observatory in Dublin. He;received a letter in 1838 from his sister Martha Thompson in Ballycastle. This is the only clue we have to the possible birthplace of Charles Duncan and his sister Martha. Charles was born about 1796. Of course both Charles and Martha may have come to Ireland from England or Scotland, and Martha may simply have been employed in Ballycastle. 07/01/09
102 Clarke
Angela DeElse
My grandmother was born Sarah Clark(e) in Ballycastle, County Antrim, August 3, 1881. Her father was John Clark(e), mother was Ellen Robinson. She immigrated to the US at age 18. Lived in Philadelphia with her sister Margaret Clark. They worked as chamber maids for a doctor. She married James Camac Smyth also born in Ballycastle. 24/11/08
101 Smyth family from Novally Vanessa McAlonan
Hello, trying to find out about a family called Smith/Smyth who lived in Novally part of Ballycastle, they had a son who went to Australia and was killed in WW1. 24/11/08
100 John McAlister margmca@hotmail.co.uk
Margaret McAllister
My Grandfather was born John McAlister at the lower Cairn Farm; nr Bushmills in County Antrim; It was owned by his Grandparents Mcurdies his own father and mother farmed at a farm Nr Knocknagarvin can anyone tell me anything about his ancestors Bill McAlister
99 Alexander Gillen McCloskey and Martha Hill dcarlile8@comcast.net
Dawn McCluskey Carlile
I am looking for information on my great-great-grandparents Alexander Gillen McCloskey and Martha Hill who were married 3 Aug 1862 in Ballycastle Presbyterian Church. Alexander was born in 1841, possibly in Armoy, but I am not sure. He died in 1928, age 87, in Humboldt County, California, USA. His parents were Henry McCloskey and Catherine Gillan. Martha Hill was born in 1843. Her parents were James Hill and Nancy McKinnon. Alexander and Martha had 5 children, Alexander Gillan McCloskey Jr., my great grandfather Harry (born 8 September 1865,) Annie, Mary Elizabeth and Daniel. Alexander immigrated to the US in 1880’s. 15/08/08
98 Martha Kathleen Macarthur Irish_lily23@hotmail.com
Katie Wright
Hello im looking for any info i can find about my great grandmothers family who are from Ballycastle. At this point i only know my name of my ggrandmother and a few of her sisters . Her name was Martha Kathleen Macarthur she moved to Canada some time before ww2. She had at least 3 sisters named Eva Macarthur who lived in Ballycastle until her death in the 1990's also Allison McArthur and then May who married a man named frank spurge. If anyone can help me it would be great. 15/08/08
97 Parents or any info on Mary McFall halstead11@msn.com
Elaine Halstead
I am looking for parents or any info on Mary McFall born 1817 Antrim Ireland - Mary married a Robert McDonald born 1819 born Scotland.  Unknown if Mary and Robert were married before they came to the United States or after they arrived.  I believe they first settled in Wisconsin because their first two children were born there and then the family moved Illinois by 1860.  Their first child, Elizabeth, was born about 1851.  Any information would be appreciated 15/08/08
96 James/Joseph McCaughan suemooreflorist@aol.com
Sue McCaughan
looking for James/Joseph McCaughan married to Jeannie/Jane McGahey lived in Bushmills daughter of Henry McGahey and Mary Jane McCaughan. james joseph is my grandad 15/08/08
95 Robert McCaughan mikesbluevw@hotmail.com
Michael Estey
I am seeking information regarding the;Mother of my Great Grandfather, Robert McCaughan, born in Ballycastle in September of 1908. Her name was Margaret (Mason) McCaughan. Her husbands name was Archibald McCaughan. My Great Grandfather and his father Archibald immigrated to Canada in the early 1900's and my Great Grandfather lost contact with his Mother at the age of six. My Great Grandfather passed away in 2007, never knowing what happened to his Mother, and our family would like to find out what happened to her also. 01/06/08 
94 Bernard McKay myaggie@hotmail.co.uk
Eric Dickinson
Hi, I am looking for information about Bernard McKay born21 05 1893 in Ballintoy Ballycastle Co; Antrim NI 01/06/08
93 Mary Jane Whiteford McKernan martian@bigpond.net.au
Patricia, Australia
I am looking for information on Mary Jane Whiteford mother Margaret Whiteford and father Patrick McKernan/Kiernan. Mary Jane was born around 1852. She emigrated to Australia in 1870 aboard the ship "Indus" which arrived in Brisbane, Queensland 12th July, 1870. She gave her age as 19 years on arrival but on later documentation she stated she was 17 when she arrived. Her birthplace was given as Ballycastle on her marriage certificate and also on her childrens' birth certificates. Her religion was given as Presbyterian. I would love to know more about Mary Jane. 01/06/08
92 Charles Kane Phelim McIntyre
Hello, I am trying to find out information on Charles Kane of Novally, Ballycastle. I think he was born around mid 1800's and was a member of Ramoan Presbyterian Church.I think his middle name was Andrew but I am unsure. His first wife died in child-birth and was called Rosetta Todd. He remarried a lady whose surname was Donaghy, (I am unsure of the spelling) 26/03/08
91 Hunter Janet Hunter Foyle
My grandmother, Ellen Cain Hunter (1864), was born in Ballycastle just before the family sailed for the U.S.   Her parents were William and Margaret Jameson Cain, both born in the year 1828 in the town of Ballintoy.  They must have moved to;Ballycastle at the time of their marriage, for that is where the first 4 children were born (Alexander, Mary Jane, Anna and Ellen).  After arriving in the U.S. 3 other children were born (Lucinda, Margarett and William Jamison).  ;William was born at a farm called Blackside.  His father was William Kane (b. 1795 - d. 27 Jan 1860 and buried in a churchyard in Ballintoy).   At some time he was the lessee of the Blackside farm.  ;I do not know the name of my William's mother.  My William had two siblings that I know of.  One was John Kane who was born abt. 1827 and died Apr of 1893 in Knocksoughey, Co. Antrim.  The other was a sister named Mary.  Nothing known of her. 
Were there more children?  Who were the parents of my GrGrGrandfather Wm. Kane (b. circa 1795)? 
Margaret Jameson's father was Alexander Jamison (b. abt 1782 - d. 28 May 1842 in Ballintoy).  Alexander's parents were Alexander Jamieson and Ellen Black, dates unknown.  This couple had Alexander III, Peggy and Bell as children as far as I know.    Alexander (1782) also was a lessee of the Blackside farms at some point in his life.  I have copies of those leases. 
The families seem to have stayed close to the Ballintoy area with many of their gravesites at a churchyard in Ballintoy.  Would love to hear from anyone who has connections to any of these family members.
90 Huey J W Huey
My 5th great grandfather, Wiliam Huey, whose name is said to have
originally been "Huet" which, in French, would have been pronounced
"Oo-ay", emigrated from County Antrim, I don`t know specifically
where, to Pennsylvania (the Philadelphia area) approximately 1730.
His wife, said to have been Welsh, was called either Gennet, Janet or
Jane. ;That`s pretty much all I know for certain, except for his
descendants data.
Given the apparent French origin of the name, and his Protestant
Quaker faith, I suspect his family left France after the revocation of
the Edict of Nance in 1685 and, perhaps, spent some time in Lowland
Scotland ("The Auld Alliance") before becoming part of the Protestant
"plantations" in Northern Ireland.
As I approach my eighth decade my frustration level grows at hitting
such a dead end with my own surname, having had much better luck
tracing other branches of my family. ;
89 Clarke(e) Al Clark
I am looking for information on Mark Clark(e), wife Jane who immigrated
to the US (Philadelphia) probably in the 1780s and before 1790
They had 2 daughters, Jane and Jenny and three sons, John, William and
Mark. The sons were born in Ireland. I think William was born in 1772.
Recently I found a yDNA match with another Clark(e) who believes his
family originated in Armoy. This suggests that we may have cousins who
still reside in the area. ;We were both tested by familytreedna.com
Mark & Jane's grandchildren founded a Presbyterian church in Beaver PA.
and Mark & Jane are buried in the local Presbyterian cemetery so I think
they were probably of this faith.
If you have any information or suggestions I hold be grateful. I would
also be interested in communicating with any Clark(e)s who have family
roots in the Armoy or nearby area. Perhaps we are distant cousins
88 Kelly Dave Kelley
Great Grandad Patrick J Kelly left Ireland in 1865 but I don't know from where or what is parents names were.  His brothers and a sister left also.  Mike born 1835, Peter born in 1844, Patrick born 1849 and don't know about their sister.  I've been looking for months now and can't get anywhere.  Don't even know if they came from Antrim. They all settled in Columbia and Sonora, CA / stagecoach drivers and owned Feed stores. 21/03/08
87 Jennings Micheal Nixon
I am trying to trace a family tree line that leads to Ballycastle, the only information I have is of the names Jennings. Father was James Jennings born 1854. died 1922
mother Kathrene Jennings born 1863. died 18.4.1947
they had 5 children, Francis Alfonso Jennings born 1906. died 7.1.1988
the other children were called Tommy, Johny, Rosetta, Maryellen and Kathrene.
Kathrene married into the Hughes family to a Reginald Hughes who live in the Paddington area;of London.
86 Charles McAllister and his wife, Mary Stewart. Mary Elizabeth Wagner
Looking for information regarding Charles McAllister and his wife, Mary Stewart. Believe Charles was born before 1820. ;One son known - Robert. And possibly one daughter known - Mary. Robert and Mary probably born somewhere in the time frame of 1840-45 to 1855-60. Robert McAllister married Margaret McKernan/McKiernan. Mary McAllister married Charles McKernan/McKiernan
(b.1847), in 1881.
Trying to confirm Robert and Mary were siblings.Anyone with info, please contact me.
85 Loughridge of Clough and Erwin of Ballymena Joe Loughridge
Seeking any info on Loughridge of Clough and Erwin of Ballymena 21/03/08
84 James Conner
Mary-Jane Conner
Isobel Fraser
I have traced my fathers side back to a James Conner who married a Mary-Jane McKay or MacCay on the 23rd june 1846 in Toberbilly Mary-Jane's father's first name was Archibald she had a son also James and a daughter Jane don't know if they were born there or here in Scotland any information would be good. 21/03/08
83 Samuel Cole Patty Cole
I am trying to find more info on my husbands family. Samuel Cole married to Eliza McComb, sons, Francis, Charles, Sam, that all came to America. Possibly sons that stayed in Ireland, John, Thomas and daughter Matilda. The boys aforementioned were born in Ballycastle. any help would be greatly appreciated. 05/04/07
82 James Homer Rea
Ed Thompson
LaDonna Cook
I am trying to find the origins of my Ray family. I believe my gr-gr-grandfather James Homer Rea and his friend Ed Thompson came from Antrim County Ireland to the U.S. in 1855. He settled in Greene County Indiana. James has also told friends his name was Jeremiah not James. He was born Aug.15, 1834. His mother was a Bradley. His parents died when he was young and he was raised by an aunt whoes name we do not know. Does anyone have information for me? 05/04/07
81 McGaughey Elinor (McGaughey) Cassidy
I am interested in any relatives from Antrim named McGaughey. My great grandfather, John McGaughey moved to America during the potato famine and settled in Massachusetts. His home or his town may have been named Cainsbrook. 16/01/07
80 Descendants of McMullan/McMullen Carmel
I believe our McMullen ancestors could be from Layd in Antrim but am only going on the references I have found to people with same name -Stewart McMullen being from Layd. Stewart is not a common name. Our
ancestor left Ireland with the 3rd East Kent Regt of Foot (Buffs) in 1820 so I'm hoping to find some information on where the regiment was based at the time he joined them in case that provides an extra clue to his family
background. Any help gratefully appreciated.
79 Hill family of Coolkenny, Ballycastle don and carol
Ron Sivyer
I married into the Hill family of Coolkenny, Ballycastle in 1948.  Robery Hill (born 1871) married a Matilda (Tilly) Glass (born 1879) in the Church of Ireland, Ballycastle in the early 1900's I imagine, and subsequently worshipped in the Presbyterian Church at Ramoan, Moyarget where I was married to one of their daughters, Jane.  They had another daughter, Anne, and a son named John. The whole family now lie at rest in the churchyard at Ramoan Church, Moyarget.  Infront of the family grave is another family grave also bearing the name of Hill and I am sure there is a family connection.  It is particularly significant that my wifes christian name and that of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are identical with the mother and two of her children in this other grave. I feel that my father-in-law, Robert Hill is possibly the son of John Hill who died on the 12th Nov 1900.  There must be many relatives around with possible family tree details of that union of Annie and Samuel Hill who can fill in some of the gaps for I can only go back to Robert and Matilda Hill. If you have any information I would love to hear from you. 03/01/07
78 McAuley families of Glenshesk Judy Trevino
Hello. I am searching for information on the McAuley families of Glenshesk, Ballycastle, County Antrim. My great;grandmother was Annie McAuley daughter of Nancy Clark and George McAuley. I believe that she was born;in December of;1850 and came to America as an;indentured servant;around 1870 with her sister Mary (or Margaret) and;brother-in-law James (or John) McAuley of Balleycastle. I would love to know more about this part of my family. All I know is that they landed in New York. My grandmother's debt was paid for by a;man named Charles St. Clair of Red River County, Texas in exchange for marriage. She had three children by Mr. St. Clair and lost two;of them in infancy. He was killed and she married my great grandfather George;W. Forrest. They had three chidren, two sons and my grandmother Christine all who remained in Texas. Any information would be appreciated! Thank Y'all, Judy
77 Catherine McHenry Bob & Roz O'Brien
Seeking information on my paternal grandmother Catherine McHenry born
Ballyvoy 1861, daughter of Archibald McHenry & Margaret OHara. ;She married
John Paul O'Brien in Roma, Queensland, Australia ;28.06.1883.

My wife and I will be travelling to Ireland; 2007 and would like to
make contact with any living relatives.
76 John / Jane Lawson Betty Carmichael Mason
my grandmother was born Mar 10 1879 in Armoy - mother, Jane Lawson born in 1848 (Amoy:?) we are trying to find John Lawson (Jane & Mary's father) bellieve he was born in 1811 and died in Australia in 1905,(also his father Archibald Lawson; we presume he died in Ireland) Jane and Eliza Jane Lawson came to US in 1880. In 1915, Jane died. ;A letter from Ireland from Eliza father's cousin detailed an inheritance. From all this, we have James Dallas (father of Eliza) and various kin( found through the internet which we visited this summer at Bushmills) 03/01/07
75 Owen McLain Eleanor Baldinucci
Hi, My great great grandfather was from Ballycastle. His name was Owen McLain and he married Cecelia Howley. I think they came to America between 1850 and 1860. I found them in the 1860 census of Pittston Pennsylvania. My mother remembers her father saying that his family were from Ballycastle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 03/01/07
74 McHenry JMcHenry
Will be visiting Ireland (my first time) in May and looking for anyone that might still be in my family in Kenbaan, Giant's Causeway, Ballycastle, Coleraine County, County Antrim.
My line is as follows:  Daniel of Kenbaan, Patrick of Barony of Dumluce, Maurice of Giant's Causeway. Our name derived of O'Cahane, O'Kane, Clan Henry, O'Henry, McHenry, FitzHenry or MacHenry.
Anything you could share with me before my visit would be greatly appreciated.
73 Patrick Joseph Taggart born on July 11th 1883 in Ballycastle Peter Loughran
I'm trying to find out about maternal grandfather, Patrick Joseph Taggart. He was a major in the British army and was awarded the OBE for services to boy's clubs in London. I'm told that he was born on July 11th 1883 in Ballycastle. I'm also told that his parents were Patrick Taggart and Helen, but that he was illegitimate (so I'm not sure about the father's name). If anyone has any information about him or ideas about where I might further my research I would be very grateful to hear from you. Regards Peter Loughran 03/01/07
72 Scullion - Ballymena or McPhaul (spelling?) Cushendall. Dawn Scribner
Looking for family name Scullion - Ballymena or McPhaul (spelling?) Cushendall. 19/11/06
71 McHenry and McLean Jackie
One male McHenry and one female McLean (I think) married and gave birth to my grandmother, Margaret Jane McHenry, who travelled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and worked as a nurse in a "home for incurables" about 1932-33.  Like to know more about the families. 19/11/06
Catherine;DAVIDSON ;b. Ballycastle abt 1838 dau of Charles DAVIDSON and Rose Ann nee STEWART.
J Snowball
Looking for ancestors/siblings of
Catherine;DAVIDSON ;b. Ballycastle abt 1838 dau of Charles DAVIDSON and Rose Ann nee STEWART.
Charles was son of Charles DAVIDSON & Catherine (maiden name unknown). Rose Ann believed to have died bef 1851 but she may have remarried.
69 John Ballantyne;and Elizabeth Hopkin Frank Mulhern
I am looking for any info on John Ballantyne;and Elizabeth Hopkin who married Feb 27 1880 in Ballycastle. They settled in Greenock Scotland and had 2 daughters Bessie born april 30 1887, susan no d.o.b. known 04/11/06
68 Dan Darragh Sean O'Connell

I would welcome any information on Dan Darragh, died in Portland Prison and I have seen a gravestone to him in Ballycastle. He would have been my great-great-Uncle.

67 Mitchells of Carnsampson Alan Mitchell
Trying to trace information about my Grandpa Arthur Mitchell born 1887 in Carnsampson also my Granny May Spence born locally in1886. I visited Ballycastle 9 years ago and found out nothing but i only knew of the Carnsampson connection today. Any help will be much appreciated and i'll buy you a ber next year when;I visit. Get the Cambelltown ferry going again, I live outside glasgow 03/09/06
66 Descendants of Alfred Pill Ken O'Flaherty oflaherty1@dsl.pipex.com I am trying to trace the descendants of Alfred Pill a coastguard who settled in Ballycastle. He had a large family and I believe that many still live in Ballycastle. Alfred was the brother of my maternal grandmother Mabel Pill. 29/07/06
65 Mary & Martin Hearn June Hearne
Hi, I'm looking for Martin Hearn, born in Ballycastle in around 1818. His wife's name was Mary. I have found them in England in the 1841 census in Lambeth, Surrey but they were both born in Ireland. Martin in bally castle. I'd be grateful of any help. Thanks 15/06/06
64 McCarroll/Morrow Family of Ballycastle Betty
Looking for information on Robert (John?) and Jane McCarroll Morrow from Ballycastle. They had 5 known children: John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ellen and Jennie. All born between 1855 and 1870 in Ballycastle. Children migrated to San Francisco CA, USA in about 1880. Looking for information on parents or other relatives. No trace of parents coming to the US. 08/04/06
63 James Mckendrick ROBERT MCKENDRICK
Can anyone help I am looking for info a James Mckendrick born @1870,s moved to Glasgow but returned in latter life , he may have died in the late 1940,s or early 1950,s any info would most helpful 08/04/06
62 Cole Family who lived in Ballycastle Patty
Cole Family who lived in Ballycastle, I know in 1865.  They were SAM & ELIZABETH(MCCOMB), they had several children.  Samuel, Francis, Charles, Andrew, Matilda, Thomas.  Charles was born April 1864 at 0096 Ballycastle, I need help locating the other children, Thomas and Matilda.  Sam, Charles, Francis;and Andrew all came to the US.
61 Catherine Lynn
Audrey Lawson
Can anyone tell me if there are any burial records online as I'd like to find out where my great great grandmother Catherine Lynn would be buried. My great grandmother her daughter was born in Carncorp, Dunseverick Ballintoy, she was of protestant faith and I understand this is important when searching in N Ireland. I have been told my great grandmother age 12 came to Scotland when her mother died and it could have been around 1897.
I'd be grateful for any reply
50 Daniel McBride & Anne nee Rennie
James Stewart & Catherine nee Scally from Torr.
John Mcbride (born 5/8/1859) and Rose nee Stewart (born 23/2/1858). They married on 27/9/1885 in Culfraghtram
Joan Crane
I am looking for any information you can give me on tracing my ancestors. My GGG Grandparents (paternal) were Daniel McBride & Anne nee Rennie. My GGG Grandparents (maternal) were James Stewart & Catherine nee Scally from Torr. My GG Grandparents were John Mcbride (born 5/8/1859) and Rose nee Stewart (born 23/2/1858). They married on 27/9/1885 in Culfraghtram Ballycastle. They emigrated to Sydney Australia soon after they married. 12/02/06
49 McAlister of Glenmakerin mcalisters@paradise.net.nz I have just found a copy of a birth certificate in my husbands papers- Its a mystery! it is for Charles McAlister(316)08/07/1870. son of John mcalister of Glenmakerin and Esther(nee McLean) . Another bit of paper says this couple had Charles, John, Patrick, Esther died in 1872 in childbirth and John remarried Catherine (nee McKinley) I have no idea what this has to do with the family- there is a blank after my husbands granddad Samuel born about 1913 in England(Yorkshire) his dad might have been Francis or frank- I wasn't aware of a close Irish connection. I wonder if john and Catharine had more children or what relation the elder john has???He is down as being a farmer. Somebody was obviously interested in Patrick and Charles to enquire about them, It was done on 9th November 1973. 21/01/06
48 Robert Townsend (born 1843)
Annie McMicheal (born 1847)
Stewart Townsend
Tracing my ancestors back to the Ballycastle area of Moyle, I've discovered that both my Great Grandfather, Robert Townsend (born 1843), and Great Grandmother, Annie McMicheal (born 1847) were born in the town. They married in 1865, but I don't know whether that took place locally, or in Dublin, where their first daughter, Margaret, was born in late 1865. Annie McMicheal had a younger sister by the name of Elizabeth, born 1851. If anybody has any family history information regarding either of these two families and any descendants. 04/12/05
47 James McAfee is believed to come from Ballycastle Neil McAfee
Looking for information, My grandfather (James McAfee) is believed to come from Ballycastle, Married Grace Hanley, around 1927? (Port Glasgow) had 2 children (Neil & Sadie) 05/11/05
46 James Love, blacksmith who married Rosetta Smith in 1880 in Ballycastle. Stella Wilson
I'm researching the family tree and am looking for any information on a James Love, blacksmith who married Rosetta Smith in 1880 in Ballycastle. He is said to have emigrated to America. Rosetta died in Ballycastle in 1882. 05/11/05
45 Descendants of Patrick Cavish from Ballycastle. john holmes
My father Martin Cavish was born in Ballycastle in 1893 and he changed his name to Holmes. 05/11/05
44 Descendants of;William ;Stewart of Maghermore, Ramoan, Ballycastle, and for descendants of Robert Connor ( weaver) of; Cloghanmurry, Ramoan, Ballycastle. Carol Lamb
William's son George Stewart born abt. 1826;and Robert Connor's;daughter, Rachel born abt 1826, married on 22nd July 1846 in Moyle, Ballycastle, Ireland.
Their children were James, Robert, Rosetta, Rachel and Jane.
They all moved to Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland
43 Blake Jeff Davis
I have an ancestor names James Blake who had a child named Hugh Blake on 17 Oct 1821 in Ballycastle to my knowledge. I would like evidence of this and to know his mothers name as well as his grandparents names.
His father James was a farmer and may have owned land in Ramoan or Ballintoy. Thanks
42 Daniel Clarke & McAfee Fiona Soulsby
I am attempting to trace my mothers family who lived in Murlough Bay Co Antrim up to the 1940,s. My grandmother was a McAfee prior to her marriage and my grandfather was Daniel Clarke .
Any information as to any relations of either side of the family would be great.
41 Gillespie


I am researching the name GILLESPIE. I know of an ANN that was born there in 1897. I believe she had following siblings, however, I am not sure if they were born there. Mamie (Mary); Michael, Owen b-1887, John G, Kathryn, Bridget, Sarah, Sabina and Ellen. I believe the mothers name was RALPH. 01/08/05
40 William James Ellison William Ellison
I am trying to find out as much as i can about my grandfather whom i never met. His name was William James Ellison and he was born in Moycraig, Croagh, Ballycastle on 23/5/1896. His father was Robert John Ellison and his mother was Nancy Ellison (m/nameMATHERS). Joined inniskilling fusiliers and fought in ww1 then joined again for ww2. I would appreciate any help please. 01/08/05
39 Alexander Jamieson;born; Clough, Antrim , 1835 Wilfred Jamieson
I am seeking information on Alexander Jamieson;born; Clough, Antrim , 1835; died 1885 and his past ancestors 01/08/05
38 McCann relatives Sabrina Hysa
I am trying to locate any of my possible McCann relatives. My grandfather John Edward McCann was born in Croheh, Ireland, Ballycastle Ireland in Antrim Northern Ireland. He was born on May 9 1911 and he died on Sept 15, 1970 at the Henderson General Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, he was 60 Years old. I believe my grandfather immigrated to canada in about 1930. He was married to one Marion McCann, they had 8 children. They were Jim, Betty, bob, mary, Lillian, Alex, john and rose. My grandfather resided in a few town in Ontario Canada including Dunville. he was a Black Night of Ireland. I do have a picture of my grandfather which i would be happy to forward to anyone whom may think we have relations. 01/08/05
37 Catherine Boyd, Ahoghill Annette McAleer, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
I am trying to trace an ancestor by the name of Catherine Boyd who was born in 1823 at Ahoghill, Co.Antrim. Her parents were Daniel and Catherine Boyd. Owing to the fact Catherine's mother died at an early age she lived with her Aunt whose name was Shields. Catherine travelled to Australia in 1848 on the ship 'Cornwell' aged 24 yrs. and she arrived at Melbourne Port on 11th August, 1848. She ended up working in Portland Victoria for the Henty Family and marrying Charles Street on 3.7.1851 at All Saints Church Portland she had 8 children and died in Richmond Victoria aged 83 yrs. I am visiting Ahoghill about 13th June, 2005 and hope to hear from anyone who might have any information. 11/01/05
36 Family of Margaret Jane McHenry Frb819@aol.com Looking for family of Margaret Jane McHenry said to come from Co. Antrim, born 1903-6, she had younger siblings, her father was self-employed, mother died early. She worked as a nursing assistant in Phila.in a home for incurables in the early to mid 1930's. She had a younger married sister already in Phila. and a close friend here, too. 06/01/05
35 McGaha, McGahey, McGaughey or other variations Michael McGaha
Any info on the last name of McGaha, McGahey, McGaughey or other variations of this name and where it might come from. 06/01/05
34 Frank Jamieson & family Cliff
Looking for history on the Jamieson family. Particularly Frank Jamieson. He was my grandfather on my mother's side. He died around the late 1960's. Also his father, Alexander Jamieson as well. Their gravestones are at a church in Ballintoy, near Carrick-a-rede. 06/01/05
33 KENNEDY Merril Bourne
This is what I know of my line & although I don't know the parents of James I have learnt that there was a James Kennedy born 7th April 1809 at Knocknacully, Layd Parish, County Antrim, son of David Kennedy and Peggy McGennell. I don't know if will ever be able to prove that this is the same James in my family .

My Great Great Grandfather, James KENNEDY, was born c 1809, in Layd, Antrim, Ireland, & in 1829 enlisted with the East India Company in Liverpool & went to India in 1830 with wife Susan, children, Mary Anne Pattison, b 1831, & George Jackson b 1834, who died 1835, just days before his mother. James married again to another Susan, the widow of William ADAM, they had children, James b & d 1838, James Higginson b. 1840 & David Blake/Black b 1842. James Snr became an Uncovenanted Civil Servant in the East India Company Army, and was a Police Sergent in the Army before he was discharged, at which time the family went to Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, c 1852, sons James & David came to New Zealand 1863, to join a Waikato Regt. in the Land Wars. James Higginson remained in NZ & David returned to Australia, became an explorer & gold prospector, was taken from New Guinea in very poor health, died & was buried at sea 1897, a year after his father had died in Castlemaine. ( I have often wondered if the children's second christian name may have been family names, )



32 Sarah George Starr Teresa Starr
Hello looking for information about birth (parents) of Sarah George born in Carnduff not sure if its here near Ballycastle or near Larne 30/12/1907 27/11/04
31 Francis McHenry and Elizabeth Ann Kelly.
William Johnson
Arlington, Virginia, USA
I'm looking into family relatives that emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA about 1860. Francis McHenry and Elizabeth Ann Kelly. They both came from Ballycastle. I don't know their parents' names. 27/11/04


30 Woodsides Barbara Woodside
My father is David Robert Woodside. Below is some of the information I have found:
My father's father was: Samuel Fraiser Woodside. His brother's were: William Woodside (killed in Philadelphia, working construction, fell from building); Alexander Woodside (killed in Alaska by his gold mine partner); Robert Woodside (killed in Philadelphia while trying to stop runaway horses/wagon). Obviously Philadelphia was not a lucky town for the Woodside brothers.My grandfather's sisters were: Maggie Woodside McGee (not sure of spelling here); Margaret Woodside (remained unmarried, her mailing address was, Carnduff, Glens of Antrim, Ballycastle, Ireland); and Mary Woodside Moore (again, not sure if Moore is spelled correctly).My father was the first generation born in this country. He and my mother live here in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.Thank you for including us on your website - I have my fingers crossed for some news on relatives.
29 William McNeill Dan F. McNeill Sr.
I am looking for decendants of William McNeill born 1832 In Antrim, possibly Ballycastle area. He emigrated to the US circa 1849 and settled in Philadelphia, Pa. to marry a Mary Roseman. they had seven children including Robert t. McNeill 1867, Mary 1853(died 1854), william 1855, Emma 1858, John 1861, Alexander 1864, Mary 1869. Robert is my Great Grandfather. 27/11/04
28 Arcibald Mcneil Janis Fulmer My ancestor was Arcibald Mcneil b. 1708 in Ballycastle, the son of Arcibald McNeil b.1677 in Scotland. I have been told that the Village History of ballycastle tells where in Scotland The Mcneils were from. Can anyone help me find this information or are there any other researchers for this Family? 27/11/04
27 Samuel Carson Jennie Turner Looking for information on the first marriage of my great granda Samuel Carson...believed to marry a Gillen from Loughguile..approximate 1847...could have married at the Reformed Pres. Church in Dervock... Jennifer Carson Turner 27/11/04
26 Trainors SEANTTRAYNOR@aol.com Can anyone help fill in he gaps of family research. Trainors originally from Ballymoney came to Coolkenny around 1930. Particularly Paddy Traynor and his brother Willie Traynor, Paddy married Margaret (Meta) McDade of Carnsampson. I would love to know where the McDaids came from, I know her two Aunts were married to Campbell Brothers and had a tea and bread shop in Castle Street. Willie was rumoured to have gone to Canada and got killed around 1936. Does anyone know any facts about this. Their sister Sarah Jane?? I have no trace of her at all, apart from a rumour that she was inclined to a gentleman by the Name of Hugh McShafery who lived at Novally. Does anyone know of him?? By all account injured in the heel in WW1. 27/11/04
25 Artificer A.E. Stark Gravestone Eve Ward I've just been reading your page and looking at the pictures and wondered if you had anymore info about the HMS Drake which sank 2nd Oct, 1917. My grandfather, Artificer A.E. Stark was killed then, and until recently I had understood he had no grave. A cousin has said she believes he is buried at Church Bay. I've tried the War Graves Commission and they have no idea! 29/08/04
24 Descendants of Hector Donnelly
Morgans from Ballintoy
MIRIAM THOMPSON I would be interested to find descendants of Hector Donnelly who went to America mid to late 19th century. also his brother Edward who lived in London thanks also any Morgans from Ballintoy who emigrated. 29/08/04
23 Hugh McKinney Bonnie Brown I am very interested in finding my g-great grandfather Hugh McKinney's father and Mother. His father was named James McKinney and his wife Mary. Hugh was born in Ballycastle, Antrim, Ireland 1803. I am not sure of his father's or mother's date of birth or where they were born. If any one can shed some light on my McKinney family. 29/08/04
22 John Antrim Terry A. Cordis I am Terry Cordis, adopted. I am from PEORIA, ILLINOIS, USA. My birth name is Terry Allen Antrim. I am told my grandfather's name was John Antrim and I have been told we are from a town near a hill or mountain range and/or county perhaps named Antrim. Is there anything else you can tell me about my birth name, descendants or their attachment or, if so, their role in founding this Antrim County and/or hills surrounding? 29/08/04
21 McGarry cousins Ashley McGarry I am looking for more McGarry cousins I didn't meet yet 29/08/04
20 Catherine Wilkinson or descendants of. Helen Gleeson Catherine gave birth in April 1929 to a boy she named Frederick Wilkinson we do not know if she was married at this time. Catherine was living in Artillery Street County Antrim Ireland at the time. Frederick was put into foster care and later adopted, he kept his birth name and lived in Ireland for many years before moving to England. We are interested to find out what happened to Catherine and if she went on to have further children etc. Any information would be gratefully received. 29/08/04
19 James McKendry
Margaret Hunter
Anne Brick
My Great grandfather was James McKendry, said to be born in Ballycastle about 1815 father Michael mother Margaret Hunter according to his granddaughter . Any help with confirming this on any Irish cousins would be great 02/06/04
18 Blair Mrs Margaret McMenamy (nee Blair)
Hello, I would like to more details of view about my father's side grandparents or great-grandparents (Blair) in Co.Antrim, hope to hearing from you soon, thank you and take care. 17/04/04
17 McCoys Doug Hartman Aurora, Illinois, USA
I am trying to find anything on McCoys. William (born 1844), Dennis (1839), Robert and maybe Charles were children of Dennis McCoy and Mary (or Margaret) Clark. Thanks
16 Daniel O'Byrne
Janne McBride
Tammy O'Byrne
I am looking for any information on my gggg grand father Daniel O'Byrne, born about 1805 in Ballycastle he married Janne McBride who we think was born in Limerick about 1811-12. They came to canada in 1850, They had five children all born in the antrim county. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Tammy 10/04/04
15 Robert Smyth
Annie McKendry
Samuel Smyth
Anne Smyth
Catherine Forbes
Hi My name is Catherine Forbes and I am looking for information on Robert Smyth, my grandfather, and also on Annie McKendry ( I believe that was Grandma's maiden name). My mother, Molly, was their oldest child, born in Ballycastle in 1922. The other children are Samuel Smyth and Anne Smyth. Grandpa came to Canada I think in 1927 and the rest of the family came out in 1929. My Grandpa was a caretaker at one time at a Presbyterian Church. I think Grandpa had a brother Daniel and a sister Elizabeth (Liz). If anyone knows anything about the family I would really appreciate hearing from them. 10/04/04
14 Cunninghams still in Ballycastle Will Cunningham
My name is Will Cunningham - I live in Wyoming, USA. My grandfather, Thomas Washington Cunningham was born in Ballycastle in 1880, and lived there until moving to the USA with his brother David Cunningham after 1900. Just trying to find out whether any Cunninghams are still in Ballycastle. 10/04/04
13 John McGowan
Ann McGowan
Hi my name is Ailsa and I am looking for information on my great-great-great grandfather John McGowan and his family who lived in Ballycastle. He married Ann Redmond and I know they had at least one child Robert McGowan (b) abt 1815. Robert married Matilda McGrellis abt 1854. They had the following children John (b) abt 1855, Jane (b) abt 1858, Robert (b) abt 1861, Margaret (b) abt 1863, and Daniel (b) abt 1864 All the Children were born in Ballycastle. Robert and Matilda with all their children emigrated to Australia on the ship Blue Jacket from Liverpool in 1864. If anyone has any information on John and Ann McGowan and any other children they may have had, that stayed in Ballycastle., I would be very grateful for your help. Thank You Ailsa


12 Patrick Brown
Catherine McKay
Brendan Clarke
Can anybody help with information on Patrick Brown and Catherine McKay who were the parents of Catherine b 30 Dec 1875 and Frank Edward b 1885. Thankyou. Brendan 31/01/04
11 Charles Smith
Margaret MacCauley
Janis Smith
My name is Janis and I am looking for info on my g-g-grandparents. Charles Smith was born 1844 in Ballycastle to William & Martha (Donnelly) Smith and in 1869 he married Margaret MacCauley who was also born in Ballycastle in 1851 to Archibald MacCauley and Rosetta McNeil. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 17/01/04
10 Michael Mc Garry Robinson MnR
I am searching for the birth of my grandfather, Michael Mc Garry.(son of Michael McGarry )born circa 1860,Ballycastle ,Ireland.(Lough Brown).Believed to be one of eleven children. Moved to England and married 1884,Plymouth. He was a fisherman, became a Yacht Skipper.Grateful for help. 17/01/04
9 William Carr Ally
My name is Ally and I am looking for information on my great - great - grandfather William Carr. He was born in about 1820 in Longhill, Ballycastle in Antrim. He married Mary ? and had a child name William John Carr in about 1859. He was in the 89th Regiment and served in America for 12 years before coming to Australia as a Pensioner Guard (Veteran). If anyone has any information about this man or his family, I would be very grateful for your help.
Thankyou, Ally
8 Richard and Bernard McAfee Brendan Clarke
Can anybody supply any information about;Richard and Bernard McAfee;thought to have been married about 1840. Their daughter Grace McAfee m Bernard McGarry in Loughguile in 1868. 05/12/03
7 Grandfather Quinten & Grandmother Margaret Blair Lee Schneeberger
My grandfather (Quinten) and Grandmother (Margaret) Blair left Ballycastle area with their children around 1924 and relocated to Detroit,Michigan. I'd like to find out if any relatives remain in the area or if there are any records of the family. Thank you 26/11/03
6 William Meaney K. Meaney
Looking for any information for William Meaney, b. 1908 (?) who was possibly raised by his aunt who lived in Ballycastle. He immigrated to Canada abt. 1926 and died in 1935. His legacy needs to be rediscovered and any possible leads would so greatly be appreciated! 01/11/2003
5 John McKenzie
Hugh McKenzie
Mary nee McCaughan
Sarah Boyle
Jackie Jaffares
Great Grandfather John McKenzie, born Ballycastle 1845 Father's name, Hugh McKenzie, Mother's name Mary nee McCaughan. Married Sarah Boyle 1846.. emigrated to New Zealand circa 1876. Any information greatly appreciated 16/10/2003
4 Family name Camac Sue Seymour


I believe that my family came from around the County Antrim area (I do believe they were from Ballymoney, but I am unable to find any information on this area).
My family name is CAMAC, can you please see if you can find any information on this name?
Thanks a lot

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3 McFall


Hi , my name is Margaret an i live in N. Y. state USA .
My g. grandparents were married in Ballycastle Parish Church in 1869. They had 4 kids. One was my granddad who came to N.Y. state in 1893. As you can guess , i am searching for any info. i can find on them.
Deaths - where they might be buried - when they died. Could there be any living lineage still over there in Ireland. Im sure there is. List of names follows:
gg. grandfather Denis McFall (b) abt. 1800 g. grandad Edward McFall ( marr.) Ann White in 1869 Ballycastle Parish Church their kids Denis (b) 1870 Edward (b) 1872 Hugh (b) 1874 Daugh. Mary Jane ( b ) 1877 & Denis had 2 other children besides Edward that I know of :
Nancy McFall marr. Daniel McClean in 1854 in Glenstaghey , Co. Antrim
Denis Jr. marr. Catherine McCaw in 1861 in Glenstaghey , Co. Antrim Ire. this I'm afraid is all I have on my family's roots. If any of these --- SURNAMES --- ring a bell or sound familiar drop me a line.
thank you for your time
2 Hugh Magawly 1810



Kate Gooday


Does anybody know anything about the Magawly (various spellings used:Magawley, Magauley etc) family from Ballycastle? My great x3 grandfather, Hugh Magawly was born in Ballycastle about 1810 and moved to Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England sometime before he was married in 1836. He was a Royal Naval Coast Guard as were a number of his sons and at least one of his brothers (Samuel?). I also know there was a Patrick Magawly of Ballycastle who in 1748/9 was Master of the ship"Maidenhead" of Ballycastle, he may well have been an ancestor. Please do get in touch with me if you can help at all. I know that my great-great uncle visited Antrim in the early 1900's and found out a lot about the family by visiting churches - unfortunatley none of his research has been passed down the family and is now lost. Thankyou, Kate Gooday 04/08/2003
1 William Traynor 1925/26

Sarah Traynor

Hugh McShefery

Sean Traynor


My ancestors came from around Ballycastle. Does anyone know what became of William "Bill" Traynor? who was supposed to go to Canada around 1925/26. Also a Sarah Traynor who is supposed to have married a man called Hugh McShefery from Dervock and a sister they had called Jane. I think they originally hailed from Ballymoney,Town-parklands and lived in Ballinlea for a time with their mother Mrs Jane Traynor(nee Kirkwood of Portglenone). Anybody who can help fill a few gaps. Say hello to Tony Pill and Malcom McGarry if they are still around. 18/07/2003

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