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Walk 5 - Lurigethan Mountain

Date: Sunday 22th January 2006
Duration: 0.5 day

Another fresh January morning about 10:00 and we didn't really know where to start, apart from Cushendall, so we asked the local garage attendants who were more than happy to direct us up the B14 for Ballymena and take the first left were we parked along the road. We set off from the foot of Lurigethan on the North-East side on the mountain with the usual gear,  waterproofs as you never know with the weather despite the BBC's optimistic forecast.

Just like Knocklayde, although not as high, Lurigethan is a quite steep climb. Helped along the way the many tracks created mainly by our woolly friends who climb it day after day, we climbed it about 40 minutes. Make sure you wear a pair of boots with good grip and a walking stick is also very helpful. The top is quite flat and no sign of the ancient flint axe factory that existed here thousands of years ago.

The view from the top is spectacular with Glenballyeamon on one side and Glenariff on the other, you can see a large section of the Antrim plateau as well as Cushendall and Waterfoot.

We set off down the way we had come up, on the way down we stopped to look rock cave that had formed just below the summit, in the walls we could clearly see the blue porcelainite that they mined for the axes.

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