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Walk 3 - Glenariff Forest Camping

Date: Saturday 29th April 2000
Duration: 2 days

Day 1:
It was a damp but warm Saturday evening, and as the forest warden suggested we set up the tent where we choose, up on the height in the shelter of the trees as we weren't sure if the weather would improve or get worse.
Next duty was to check out the facilities and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find they had all the usual necessities including showers and constant hot water as well as fresh drinking water, toilets, etc...
On went the stove at about 5 and out came sausages - nothing like a got open air fry!!! Later we went for a stroll down the road and into the waterfall walk at the bottom. What a beautiful, tranquil meander interrupted occasionally with the roar of a waterfall.
Back at the tent we settled for the night after a quick brew and watched the Chaffinches as they got closer and closer within 3 feet to scavenge bread we had left earlier so they could feed their young in nests near by. We also saw a Robin amongst the amazing collection of birds that probably wouldn't have approached unless they had the safety of the nearby trees to return too.

Day 2:
Sunshine, birds singing - next morning after a peaceful night we had another healthy fry before setting off to trek back down the waterfall walk. It was different this time with the early morning sun producing multicoloured rainbows beside the waterfalls. Along the quieter stretches we saw two pairs of Dippers as they searched for materials to build their nest, not many can say that the stood twenty feet from a Dipper and watched it scavenge across the river bed and sing to it's mate as she flew up and down past.
Back at the tent the warden was paid and we packed up the tent for home.

The cost for our pitch for the night was 10 sterling and this also entitled full use of the forest walks and facilities provided for all in our group.

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