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Cushendun (Bun Abhann Doinne)


Image provided by Cushendun Reunion 2006

A coastal village preserved by the National Trust is at the foot of Glendun, where the river Dun flows past rich old woodland under an attractive stone bridge into a tiny harbour. A sandy beach lies to the north and a fine house prominent across the bay was the home of poet Moira O'Neill.
In the heart of the village are picturesque whitewashed, slated cottages which are often described as Cornish in appearance. Lord Cushendun built them in memory of his wife, Maud, who came from Cornwall. They were designed by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis, who created the Welsh village of Portmeirion.
There are interesting caves behind the hotels to the south and close to the village are the remains of two megalithic tombs, the most interesting of which lies four miles northwest at Carnanmore. It is the best preserved group of passage caves in Antrim. The village lives in the shadow of the Glendun Viaduct which is well known for as an engineering masterpiece.


Follow the eastward A2 coast road from Ballycastle for about 9 miles and take the left turn B92 signed for Cushendun.

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Cushendun Reunion 2006

Image provided by Cushendun Reunion 2006
Image provided by Cushendun Reunion 2006

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