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Ballypatrick Forest

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Five miles from Ballycastle on the inland road (A2) to Cushendall, Ballypatrick is a pleasant six mile forest drive next to Watertop Farm. Twisting and turning along this very peaceful one way trail you find numerous spots to just pull-up and rest for while in the tranquility of it all. A cool refreshing stream meanders alongside the road and at one point you drive through the stream by means of the ford shown above.

There are numerous picnic areas, some with spectacular views of the surrounding heather covered hills, trees, Ballycastle bay and Rathlin Island. The trail passes near the site of a 'Double Horned Cairn', an archaeological site dating back to 2000BC with two burial chambers. There are a few walks if you like stretch your legs and for those who do there are again some rewards!!!


Follow the eastward A2 coast road for 5 miles, you can't miss it.

The forest is open all year from 10am until sunset and has toilet facilities.
Further Details: 028207 62301

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