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Old Friends

To add a request send an email to friends@ballycastle.info 
And don't forget to let me know when you find a friend, so that I'll know this page is useful!!!

  Looking for Requested by Details Date
43 Campbell Jane
Trying to find descendants of, and anyone who knew James Buchanan Campbell, born about 1900 to 1907,  married Mary,  had 3 children, Donald (my father), Barry and Patricia.  James's mother was post mistress of Ballycastle in about 1930-50. I'm visiting Ballycastle shortly and would appreciate any information, no matter how small. 14/07/11
42 Smiley family Sharron Smiley
Im looking for any of my cousins, second cousins still in Ballycastle. My fatherís family come from there. It was a large family 14 children. Seven boys seven girls. My father was called John and he was the youngest born in 1923. My grandparents were called Patrick and Ellen. If any of you are out there I would love to get in touch to find out more about our family. I have met some of my uncles and auntieís that lived in England, their names were Alex, Patrick, Margaret, I know that Archie lived in Ballycastle and Im sure that some of the others still lived there. Hope to hear from you soon. Sharron. 11/06/11
41 Harrison family Polly Lynn, Illinois
Looking for descendants of Harrison from Ballycastle. I would enjoy reading what you know about your Harrisons. 04/06/11
40 Rosetta McNab maggiemcnab
Trying to find out any current details re Rosetta McNab (maiden surname McMullan), was a Rathlin girl originally, married my uncle Frank McNab about 1960. She was district nurse in Ballycastle, Frank was High School teacher. He died in 1985 and is buried in Ballycastle. Have totally lost contact, and she may have passed away - would be close to 90 if still alive. 04/06/11
39 Danny Neill Mrs Teresa Louise (Neill) Etherington-Stocks
I am trying to find anyone who knows Danny Neill of Ballycastle or the surrounding area or any relatives of Danny's. He has sisters called Kathleen & Teresa. Danny was born May/June 1932 or 1933. Danny moved to sheffield, England to work as a builder around 1960's. I would appreciate any information no matter how small. 04/06/11
38 William J Hill Barry Record


I am looking for a William J Hill or his descendants who lived at :
32 Ramoan Road Ballycastle.
He served on the HMS BANFF during the war. I have in my possession a letter dated 21st August 1945 from his father also William J Hill. In this letter he writes to thank my mother for looking after him and his friends while they were on shore leave in South Africa.
My father and mother owned the PIG &WHISTLE in Bathurst.
It would be great to make contact.
37 Ian & Charlotte Crawford Carla Tennant
I am looking for Ian Crawford and Charlotte Crawford who moved to the area from Sheffield. 06/09/10
36 Charles Campbell ewan campbell
Its a long shot - but my Dad's visiting soon, I know he would be thrilled if he could meet anyone that knew his father.
That's my grandfather - Charles Campbell, from Ballycastle.
He would be about 95 now i think.
He'd have lived there from about - , before moving to the west of Scotland for work.
I think he lived on Market St, or Castle St or Ann St.
If anyone knows him, or you have any way of tracing relatives or friends please let me know.
35 Agnes Carson William Gordon
looking for Agnes Carson Maybe married to Moore. Home between Ballycastle-Mosside 13/05/10
34 McKiernan's IrishRuby723@aol.com Looking for McKiernan's of Ballycastle 17/03/10
33 Redmonds Steve Seely
My grandmother, Jane Redmond, emigrated from Ballycastle around the turn of the 20th century. She left behind family, a brother for sure, because I have correspondence. She was a young nurse when she left. My family and I are planning a trip to Ireland and would love to meet those related to us. 17/03/10
32 McCormicks John and Connie Wilson
Looking for any relatives of Catherine McCormick (Kate) who married William Wilson of Campbeltown, Argyll. Her father was Archie and her mother Mary. 23/04/09
31 McGlame Scottie McGlame
My name is Edward McCulloch McGlame I Live in Vancouver B.C. Canada and I am looking for anyone who can help me find or get in touch with any member of the McGlame family in living in Ballycastle. My Great Grandfather was Hugh Fleming McGlame born in the 1850s and he had three sisters Mary Jane, Sarah, Catherine and a brother Robert 04/04/09
30 McCormicks Molly Schwarzman
McCormick's of Ballycastle.  My great great grandfather was Alexander McCormick born about 1820 Ballycastle.  He died 1881 in Port Glasgow.  He married Jane/Jean Andrews.  Children: Elizabeth McCormick married to James Tennyson, Jane McCormick married to Joseph Kelly, Patrick, Annie Napier, John.  I have lots of information but would like more.  I hope to visit Ballycastle in March so would like to make contact with any 'cousins'. 07/01/09
29 McHenry-Murray Families catrionalowther@yahoo.com
Catriona Lowther
I know this is a long shot but I am looking for members of the McHenry-Murray Families from Waterfoot and Glenarriffe.I spent some time around 1995 working for James and Kathleen McHenry and would love to get in touch with them all.
I recall that Kathleen had a brother called Alex Murray and James had a brother called Arthur.
At that time James and Kathleen ran Dieskirt Farm B&B.I originally came to them as a Veterinary Student on work experience in the Spring and ended up coming back that summer to work in Glenarriffe Tea House.PS I am qualified and all going well on the Veterinary front. I really look forward to hearing from some of them
28 McCormicks

danny mccormick

hi all. Are there any mccormicks in ballycastle or any one know of the surname dating back to around 1800 15/08/08
27 Charles Campbell Ewan Campbell
I'm looking for anyone who still lives in Ballycastle that might know my Grandfather - Charles Campbell.
Lived on Montgomery Street.
He would be about 95 now I think, I believe he was born and and lived in Ballycastle there before he moved to Port Glasgow in the west of Scotland to work in the shipyards.
My father Robert and my mum are visiting soon.
I know he would be delighted to have a chat with anyone that knew of my Granda.
26 Ballycastle folk. Gerry Donnelly
Son of Eddie and sylvia,
North St.
Living in Africa
Curious about all that's happening
25 Brendan Rice Seamus
I am trying to get in contact to brendan rice if you know where i can find him. Thank you 03//09/06
23 Friends of Kathleen Brown Kathleen Brown
My name was Kathleen Brown (my Mum was Mrs Jeannie Brown who ran a small guest house next door to the Marine Hotel, North Street). I went to Ballycastle Grammar School from 1948 till 1956 which was on the Quay Road leaving at 18.  I then went on to join the WRAF when I left Ballycastle, spent some time in Germany and then got married to an RAF Sergeant and now live in England.  I would be interested to hear from any of my old school friends or people still around Ballycastle who remember me. 30/04/06
22 Family or friends of one C. Hillary Mitchell N.J. Hillary
I am N.J. (Josi) Hillary, living in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. This may be a long shot but I am trying to track down the family or friends of one C. Hillary Mitchell who worked in the tea plantations owned by Glasgow based James Finlay Co. in South India. Mr. Mitchell probably went to India in the 1930's and retired in 1945. During a six months furlough he gave his address as Irish Acre, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, Ireland from March 29, 1939. He was a bachelor and he probably died in the 1970's 08/04/06
21 Maureenís (Mo) McErlain Jan Stubbs (nee Robertson)
I would really like to get in touch with Mo again.  We trained together as nurses at St Georges Hospital, London along with Louise Harnett.  We were good friends but as time went by unfortunately lost touch.  If anyone knows of Mo's whereabouts please contact me. She told me that she grew up in Ballycastle and I think some of her family still live in the area. 25/03/06
20 Glen Morran Mari
19 McGoran family Steve from Malta
I've been 3 times in Ballycastle with d McGoran family! I love them so much but they might think that I've forgot them. I can never forget a family so nice like that! 05/11/05
18 John Mc Laughlin and his wife Annie Eileen
I am looking for my uncle John Mc Laughlin wife Annie My dad Cahal and wife Rosetta and 6 children moved to australia in 1969 I would love to get in touch contact  thanks
17 Barney and Cecelia Mullins Mary Ann Okane
Mailing Address available upon request.
In 1987, My Husband and I had the trip of a lifetime when we visited Ireland and relatives in Ballycastle. Barney and Cecelia Mullins. were wonderful hosts. I have lost contact with them and hope that you will be able to help. 05/08/05
16 Geroid (Gerry) Butler Geraldine Cronin
I am looking to re-establish contact with Geroid (Gerry) Butler, he was a fisherman by trade and grew up with his family of both brothers and sisters in Ballycastle. I knew him from 1993 to 1998. My name was Geraldine Woods then. I would love to hear from him. 05/08/05
15 McKinley Family Karl McKinley
I'm visiting Ballycastle in September of 2005, I am looking for ancestors with the last name of McKinley. The McKinley's moved to Canada in 1802 from the isle of mull Scotland but they might have originated in Ireland, I believe they might have lived on or near Rathlin island. Any help would be appreciated. 05/08/05
14 High School classmates 1968 - 71 Ed Greer
I was born and grew up in Ballycastle and wanted to get in touch with my high school classmates just to see how everyone is doing. I was at the high school from 1968 - 71. I live in New York but still go back to see my father, Robbie Greer who lives in Bayview Road. 27/12/03
13 Anne McGuile Bob Hagan
Looking  for Anne McGuile from the rooming house at the square in Ballycastle around 1940 to1943,if you see this it would be nice to chat with you again. We met at the old lammas fair about 1940. I now live in Edmonton Alberta Canada 25/11/03
12 Laura Perry Ursula Mc Mullan
I went to secondary school with her and since then I have lost contact if she sees this could she please get in contact with me as I would love to see her again 16/10/2003
10 Liam Burns Tony
Anybody know of Liam Burns from Ballycastle,was living in Australia until a recent lottery windfall, tell him we have a cold one on the bar for him. 04/06/2003
9 Tessie Bakewell and family Keith Harrison, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I'm running a reunion this autumn for the Irish side of my family. The "Americanized" version of our name is Beckwell, but it was originally Bakewell, and sifting through some old family letters and such, I found a reference to a Tessie Bakewell, proprietor of the Anglers' Arms.
We would love to get in touch with Tessie, and/or any of her children, both to connect with them as a family, and invite them to this reunion. If you know an e-mail address for any of them and can forward this, that would be great. Or perhaps you could pass along to me some contact information for them.
8 Collette McAllister and Ursula McMullan
CPC classmates 1968 to 1972
Carole Hopper


I attended Cross and Passion College as a boarder from 1968 to 1972, at which point I returned to Canada to finish my schooling. Having lost all connection to that time in my life, I would love to hear from former classmates. Unfortunately most names escape me, but two I do remember are Collette McAllister and Ursula McMullan. 06/12/2002
7 Ciara McCuaig  


She went to cross&passion college and she is about 22 years of age, if anybody knows her whereabouts please let me know......... 01/08/2002
6 Mervin Bell from Distillery Street last known 1965, Danny & Tony Butler lived in Venis Street off the Grosvenor road  Belfast Gerard McGill


Please get in touch with Gerard McGill nick name Geggy 10/07/2002
5 'Hager Plate' author Collette McAlister Chuck Strukamp


I am looking for a writer of a book called the Hager Plate . She lives in Ballycastle . and I believe her name is Collette McAlister .. that could be spelled wrong ,but the name is right I believe .. If anyone knows her could you please have her e-mail me 04/07/2002
4 Thomas McLain,
Patrick McLain,
Owen McLain,
Cecelia Howley
Ellie McLean


Just looking for maybe a relative with the last name of McLain. My family might be from Ballycastle. My mother remembers her father mentioning Ballycastle. His name was Thomas McLain, his father was Patrick McLain, and his father was Owen McLain. I guess they might have spelled their last name differently. I'm quite sure Owen McLain was born in Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated. His wife Cecelia Howley was born in Ireland too. Thanks in advance Ellie 06/06/2002
3 Kevin McMahon.(from Preston uni) Roger Yates

01132282700 or 07768421302

Please call 27/05/2002
2 Alexander Campbell Andy Speirs


I'm looking for an old university colleague called Alexander Campbell who lived/lives in Ballycastle. Last I heard he may have been working at a local school. Alex would be about 33 now.
1 Kelly Collins Ashley Hyatt


Would love to hear from
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